Ned, known publicly as Crawler, was a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Nothing pleases Ned more than being given a chance to get hurt, to the point that he secretly wishes that Siberian would try to seriously hurt him.


Originally Ned was a feeble narrow shouldered man, only five and a half feet tall.[1] By the time of the Slaughterhouse 9 visit to Brockton Bay Crawler resembles a six legged dinosaur-like beast the size of a van, covered in armor plates, eyes and tentacles. From the knees of his foremost pair of legs smaller limbs resembling human arms emerge.

Described as, "Crawler, the most monstrous member of the group, loomed over the rest.  His chest was ten feet deep from front to back, his head the size of a small car.  He combined the most effective features of a bear and a panther.  Sinuous, flexible, bristling with quiet menace, but also brawny with muscle.  He had armor plates covering him, with scales where armor wouldn’t allow him optimum flexibility, and spines and coarse hair where the scales wouldn’t do.  Head to toe, he had the coloring of an oil slick, black by default, but scintillating with rainbow hues in just the right light. A hundred black orbs studded the length of his body, set into the plates of armor.  Caustic venom virtually poured from a mouth that bristled with mismatched fangs, spattering precipitously close to Cherish and eating at the concrete rooftop.  Perhaps most unnerving of all were his six legs, each forking at the knee or elbow joint, with one larger limb ending in scimitar-like claws and a smaller set of limbs for each; tentacles for the rear four legs and a long fingered human’s hands for the forelimbs."[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Crawler's power was adaptive regeneration. Any injury he suffered would heal in a way that made the healed area resistant or immune to the source of the injury. This adaptive regeneration had turned his body into a monstrous form and was powerful enough to develop an immunity to Armsmaster's nano-thorn. The regeneration also let him develop countermeasures, such as his signature acid attack that converted dissolved flesh into more acid and the aforementioned nano-thorns, where body parts that were disintegrated by the nano-thorns turned into nano-thorns themselves.

He had a "core" that, if destroyed, would have killed him,[3] his core/corona was moved from the brain.[4]

His power could potentially have forced him into an immobile shape, allowing him to be buried.[3]



From the way he acted, Bonesaw presumed that he did not have a happy home life before triggering.[1]

It seems that he fought an Endbringer before.[5]


Crawler came to Brockton Bay with the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine. He was killed by one of Bakuda's bombs, which turned his entire body into silicon, during a bombing run ordered by Director Emily Piggot. Mannequin was also killed in the same attack.


Ten clones of Crawler were among the ranks of The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand: nine perfect duplicates and one hybrid with Breed.

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