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Cricket is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Cricket has made it a point to not have any of her injuries - even the permanent ones - healed by Othala.


Cricket is described as a twenty-something girl with a gymnast's build, a blonde buzz-cut, and a metal cage as a mask. She has a scar from were she had her throat slashed.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cricket's powers appear to involve enhanced reflexes and some sound-based abilities. She uses a form of echolocation to orient herself in combat, making her one of the few people relatively unaffected by Grue's powers. When projected continuously, it also has the useful side-effect of inducing nausea in humans, confusing the hell out of Skitter's bugs and even temporarily blocking Shatterbird's powers from working. Vastly increased reflexes, personal sonar that could be keyed to disrupt others' senses[1].

Equipment Edit

Utilizes twin kamas – miniature scythes found in some martial arts styles. Due to her throat being slashed, she needs the use of an artificial larynx to talk[2].



Knew hookwolf back when they were both un-powered pit fighters[3] and then parahuman pit fighters.

Story StartEdit

Staged ambush on the police barricade during the rampage caused by the E88's [[Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight |identities being revealed]][4].

Toyed with Skitter and Grue before being shot and needing to retreat [5].


Was able to interfere with shatterbirds powers using her sonar abilites when she came to tell hookwolf of his nomination[2].

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Would later interfere with accord


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