Ava[2], known publicly as Cuff, is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Ava can weaponize "niceness" when needing someone to do things. Naturally nervous and lacking in confidence, she is not well suited to the battles she participates in as a cape. She has been called a coward for her skittish personality, but the memory of her parents keeps her going despite this.[3]


Ava has platinum blonde hair. As Cuff, she wears a blue-black metal costume that includes a breastplate, heavy gauntlets, boots, and a white-lensed mask etched with a feminine face, and metal bands running down each arm and leg and binding her three braids.[4] After the timeskip, she wore armor and a layered visor.[5]

In the Ward she appears with the black hair.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ava is a metallokinetic, capable of shaping most metals to some degree or another. As a Striker, she can more easily manipulate metal in direct contact with her skin, able to wear metal in a semisolid state as Cuff. She can also manipulate metal for several seconds after it leaves her vicinity, giving her the ability to control metallic objects in flight,[1] this allowed her to be an effective long-range attacker.[7][8] As part of her metal manipulation abilities she can also sense metal to some degree.[9]

Her striker powers allowed her to manipulate metalic objects as she was hitting them, increasing the impact and effect of her punches,[8] with manipulation of her costume allowing her to hit hard enough to break bone, without hurting herself.[10]

Ava also has a passive secondary Brute power that slightly enhances her physique and increases her resistance to damage for a little while after being injured.[3][1] As stated she uses her metalokinesis powers to enhance the strength of her gauntleted blows[8] as well as her agility,[11][1] and is even able to deflect metallic objects as they speed toward her.[12]

After the timeskip, Cuff's skill increased to the point of being able to open vault doors with her Striker powers. Making her particularly effective against metal emplacements.[13]



Ava lost her parents during a plane crash[14] when Behemoth destroyed the volcano islands of Hawaii.[15] Ava gained her powers one month before Behemoth attacked New Delhi.[16]


Ava saw her first combat when deployed against Behemoth at New Delhi. She performed admirably, although she suffered a burn that would take a good deal of time for her to recover from.


Gained skill and experience in work.

Gold MorningEdit

Ava started dating Golem around the time of the Gold Morning.

She was chosen to be part of Taylor's strike squad for investigating the disappearance of Doormaker by infiltrating the Cauldron Base.[17]


She was mobilized as part of Wardens during the African crisis.[6]


"You’re doing that crazy mastermind thing again," ~ Ava to Weaver[18]

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