Ashley Stillions, known to the public as Damsel of Distress, was a former independent villain and later member of the Slaughterhouse Nine first seen operating in Stafford, New Hampshire.


Years of living on the streets with inconsistent nutrition[2] left Ashley painfully thin to the point of looking emaciated.[1] This, combined with being taller than average, led to some people thinking she looks boyish.[3] She had long, usually unkempt platinum blonde hair and pale blue eyes.[4] By throwing on some civilian clothes and a hat and keeping her head down, she could almost pass as a boy.

As Damsel of Distress, Ashley usually wore black gowns of varying quality with different combinations of masks and black lipstick.[1] This, combined with her pallor and gaunt appearance, made her both appealing and intimidating.

Following Bonesaw's modifications to her forearms and hands, her arms are twice as long as before, with long drawn out fingers that had mechanisms crammed inside of them, allowing Damsel to better control her power.[3]


Ashley is considered mentally unbalanced,[5] driven to establish her superiority by her passenger. She is fond of delivering dramatic monologues for the euphoric effect of becoming less pressured by her passenger.[2]

Through a combination of childhood trauma and the early activation of her passenger, she became excessively ambitious, narcissistic, megalomaniac, and paranoid. Her passenger punished her when she didn't succeed, perpetuating long strings of near-misses. The reality of a 'camp' villain willing to murder hostages or blame others for her problems, combined with her drawbacks, made her both scary and pitiable.[6]

Her power was somewhat uncontrolled, spiking or going on the fritz when she got stressed or anxious. Coupled with her obsessive personality, this meant that she would get caught in vicious cycles where she became frustrated and anxious at eating or similar activities after destroying one meal, losing sleep or shelter, embarrassing herself in front of others, or similar situations.[2] In stubbornness and pride, she would consequently go long stretches of time without really eating or sleeping.[6]

She was fond of situations where she could use hostages or stalk a target through a cluttered area, where she could blast through cover and potentially her victim.[6]

Bonesaw's surgical alterations simultaneously broke her pride and gave her control. This was a cold, ruthless, detached source of obliteration, "deserving and giving no pity".[6][2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Ashley's power functions similarly to Scrub's. She creates maelstroms of inconsistent gravity and spacetime warping[7], chaotically twisting reality[2] and producing uncontrolled cone-shaped blasts[2][8] of gravity, space and matter alteration.[6] The "blasts" can rip, tear, twist, melt, disintegrate, and cause numerous other effects to matter within their variable range of six to fifteen feet.[6] This power is capable of destroying virtually any matter or construction[9], including the likes of Alexandria, as Ashley's 'shotgun' bursts ignore most forms of durability[6].

Ashley's power also has a forceful kickback that flings her backwards, as the combination of warped space, disintegration and gravity shearing makes for a massive amount of recoil whenever she activates her power.[8][6][2] Ashley learned to use this effect to move at high speeds in 10- to 15-foot bursts, allowing her to avoid attacks[1] and giving her a Mover rating.[8]

While obviously powerful, Ashley never had full control of her power[2], being unable to prevent herself from producing minor flare-ups whenever she became stressed or anxious[6]. Bonesaw's alterations gave Ashley the ability to control her power, at the cost of her becoming even more of a monster.[6][2][10]



Ashley triggered when she tried to save her mother from being beaten to death by her enraged father and was backed into a corner, surrounded by chaos. With her new uncontrolled power, she killed her father and, accidentally while checking on her, her mother. Her trigger event affected her emotionally on a fundamental level, and she fled her former home with whatever she could carry and not accidentally obliterate.

Ashley spent years of her life on the streets trying to make it into the cape scene in a large city like Boston, but she lacked the ability to see those dreams through and failed to do so multiple times.[1]

Story Start Edit

Damsel of Distress was one of the three parahumans operating in the small town of Stafford, New Hampshire.[5]

Damsel of Distress has tried to become a notable villain in a big city such as Boston a few times, but she was never quite able to cut it and always had to come back[6]. She had an ongoing feud with Licit and Edict, which was part of a long-term effort by the PRT to recruit a powerful Blaster.[5]

Post-Echidna Edit

When they left Brockton Bay, the remaining members of the Slaughterhouse Nine went to recruit her. It is unknown if she joined willingly or was coerced.[9]

Bonesaw made one of her "toys" for Damsel by augmenting her arms to give her more control over her powers. With these newly upgraded powers, she was able to easily cut her way through several powerful Ambassadors.[3]

In her confrontation with Blasto, Defiant killed his fellow cyborg using nano-thorns he installed in his own artificial limbs.[3][9]

Post-Timeskip Edit

During the several months that Bonesaw spent trying to clone members of the Slaughterhouse Nine, she made several attempts with Damsel, including a version of her that had triggered far too young to be of much use.[4]

Several clones of Damsel were successfully made for the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand, with some tweaking to ensure loyalty.[4]

Golden Morning Edit

Two surviving instances of Damsel were located when Khepri took control of the remaining parahumans in an attempt to end Gold Morning.[11]


References Edit

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