Danny Hebert is Taylor's father. He works for the Dockworkers Association as head of hiring and spokesperson.


He has an enormous temper that he has been able to keep in check, inherited from his father and given to his daughter in turn.[1]



While he loves his daughter this is tested throughout the story. Sometimes she thinks he is afraid of her.


He truly loved his wife, they completed each other.[2]


Danny is a tall, skinny, dark-haired-but-balding bespectacled man of an intellectual bent.[citation needed] He has green eyes. [3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Danny is not a parahuman, because of this he has no powers, though he had the potential to trigger and almost did several times.[2][4] He is an able administrator and negotiator however.

If he had triggered, he would likely have had a power involving rats.[2]



Husband of Annette Rose Hebert, father of Taylor Hebert.

His wife was killed by a car accident because she was distracted by her phone, causing him to distrust cellphones.

After his wife's death, he spiraled into depression and had difficulty caring for his daughter. Emma Barnes claimed he confessed to her father that he believed Taylor had inadvertently killed her - she had failed to call Annette when she was supposed to, and he suspected Annette had been trying to call her when she had her car accident.[5]

Story StartEdit

Heard his daughter sneak back into the house after being out late. He hoped nothing bad happened to her while she was out.[1]

Taylor later called Danny and let him know she had made a few friends. Said friends later brought his daughter home after she was apparently wounded in a bombing.[6]

References Edit

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