Destruction of the Teeth


May 15, 2011


Brockton Bay


Butcher commits suicide. Cherish becomes the new Butcher.

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Codex is killed
  • Butcher commits suicide

Destruction of the Teeth marks the Undersiders and Accord's Ambassadors fight against the Teeth.


With leviathan and the Slaughterhouse none passing through the town Coil held the town through his gangs. With this hold confirmed in driving off the Dragonflight he was on top of the world before crossing the undersiders who took everything he cared about. Now the undersiders had claim to the city and those who come after most deal with them. The ambassadors bowed while the fallen and the teeth fought. The fallen are dealt with and now it is time the Teeth are broken.


Skitter unleashes her insects upon the teeth while they are camped inside a building preparing supper. This draws the group out to face the combined Undersider-Ambassador team.

Powers are unleashed big fight happens.

Codex is killed.

With the Butcher drawn into the Dispair Zone by Skitter and Bitch the Leader of the Teath decides to take her own life. She accomplishes this using her powers.

With her death and the undersiders and their allies win.[1]


Skitter spends some time with Bitch and her growing family. Wraps up every thing she needs to do Skitter visits Tattletale and then goes to the PRT.

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