Dispatch is the second-in-command of the Houston Protectorate.

Personality Edit

Weaver remarks that Dispatch seemingly disliked her with no reason.[1]

Appearance & Equipment Edit

Dispatch wears a white costume with steel points rising from his shoulders and his brows. His mask, sculpted into a frown, covers the top half of his face.[1]

Dispatch normally carries oxygen to extend the time that he and others can spend in his field, but when deployed against fire-based threats like Behemoth, he does not.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dispatch has the ability to create bubbles of accelerated time that can last as long as their inhabitants have oxygen, as well as enhanced strength, durability, and super speed.[3] In combat, he rushes to his targets and encloses himself with them in his bubbles, taking only a few seconds to "dispatch" them with the equivalent of minutes or hours inside. To outside observers, the bubbles he creates with his power are irregular areas of violent color and space distortion.[4]


Dispatch suggested confronting the Adepts to test Weaver's field ability in a team environment, although he did not participate in the subsequent fight.[1]

New Delhi Edit

He was instrumental in wounding Behemoth, with his power giving Weaver time to plan and Eidolon time to find and develop appropriate powers.[5]

References Edit

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