The Dno is a collective term for the Russian Underworld. It includes the various Bratva, as well as other villainous groups.


The Unwritten Rules in Russia's underworld are different - parahumans don't fight parahumans; only the Elitnaya and foreign powers are fair game. This rule makes for strangely honorable scenarios where two parahumans come across one another in a firefight and call a temporary ceasefire, or completely ignore the other.

Those that survive within the Dno are generally smart, merciless, and scary. When new parahumans show up, they're brought before a group, tested, and if they prove worthy, are freed to join whomever. Those that fail, refuse to join a group, or who are deemed to damaged are liable to be executed. [1]


  • This group doesn't appear in canon, but was mentioned by the author alongside two other Russian groups when he explained about the Russian equivalent to the PRT.

References Edit

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