The Docks were a huge part of the tourist industry in Brockton Bay and were a large source of income for many residents.The Docks was a region of Brockton Bay located west of the Boardwalk[1]. Despite the name, it was located away from the water.

When the import/export business in Brockton Bay had dried up, there had been a whole lot of people who were suddenly out of work. The richest and most resourceful people in town had managed to make more money, turning the city’s resources towards tech and banking, but all of the people who had been employed on the ships and in the warehouses had few options left to them. They faced leaving Brockton Bay, sticking around while scraping up what little work they could or turning to more illicit activity[1].

Just moving from one block to the next, you could see the quality of buildings decline steeply. There were enough warehouses and apartments in the area for even the most destitute to find shelter, so the only people on the streets at night were unconscious drunks, whores, and gang members[1].

There weren’t many lights on, and Taylor doubted most of the buildings here even had power[1].

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