Doctor Mother is the leader of Cauldron.


Doctor Mother is an emotionally detached and well-spoken woman.


Doctor Mother is a dark-skinned woman with long hair dressed like a doctor. She speaks English with a French accent.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Doctor Mother is an ordinary human who leads Cauldron. However, she had the potential for a natural trigger event.



Doctor Mother is from the Ivory Coast.[citation needed]

Doctor Mother was stranded in another dimension when Eden collided with earth in 1981. She followed Contessa to where Eden was forming her body and helped Contessa kill the Entity. Equipped with Eden's corpse and knowledge of the two Entities' plans, she and Contessa formed Cauldron to find a way to kill Scion and save humanity.

Doctor Mother was the leader of Cauldron's anti-Scion efforts. She kept the nature of their foe a secret to prevent panic and disruption while either giving or selling superpowers to people. She also played a role in kidnapping people and testing their superpower serums on them - these then became known as 'Case 53' capes.

Golden Morning Edit

Doctor Mother was killed by Sveta during Scion's attack on Cauldron's headquarters.[2]

References Edit

  1. Observation from Jamie in Interlude 12.5
  2. Sveta's tendrils continued to extend, stretching out.
    Each one chose the Doctor as the mark.
    "Had to pick someone," Sveta whispered. "Couldn't focus on him alone. I'm sorry, but you're the best choice."
    The tendrlis found points closer to the Doctor's midsection, crushing.
    The Doctor's screams became strangled.
    Sveta coiled around the Doctor, burying the woman beneath overlapping tendrils, until there was a cocoon and a girl's face, curled up on the stairs. Blood pooled beneath them. -Venom 29.7

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