Dolltown was the name of Parian's territory.

Geography/Description Edit

Dolltown was located in what Coil's Organization had decided would be Ballistic's territory.[1] It was located at the north end of Crater Lake,[2] between the water and where the college used to be.[3]

It was only about a block or two wide.[3]

It was the only high ground in a flooded area of the city;[4] the water in the streets was salt.[3] The entire area was cordoned off[1] using colored debris and spray-paint, forming a yellow line. Near-invisible threads charged with Parian's power snagged and alerted her if anyone crossed the line.[3]

History Edit


Parian established Dolltown before Ballistic had a chance to claim it, following the Leviathan attack.[1] Her, her family and friends made a deal that she would protect it from anyone else, hero or villain, in exchange for a share of the food and water.[5]

Flechette visited several times.[3][6]

The Slaughterhouse Nine attacked Dolltown, killing most of the residents[7] and surgically altering many of them to act as decoy members of the Nine. Bonesaw captured and tortured Grue, Parian, and several members of the Undersiders who came to rescue him.[8][9] Many buildings were damaged by parahumans chasing the Nine, led by Hookwolf.[10]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Even with most of her citizens dead, Parian refused to relinquish Dolltown.[7] The remaining people took to dressing in all-concealing cloth costumes to hide their altered features. This made them resemble capes or Parian's doll-like creations.[11]

Ballistic decided to attack Dolltown to make an example and help establish his territory, as Parian was the only remaining independent cape there aside from Scrub. Skitter went with him and tried to recruit Parian, but Flechette ambushed her while they were talking.[12] Skitter talked her way out and gave Parian a large sum of money to help look after her people.[13] Later, Parian visited Skitter's territory and discussed the possibility again.[14]


During the Echidna event, Tattletale contacted Parian; it was agreed that Parian would take over Tattletale's old shelter and the surrounding area.[15]

Parian's new territory was at the very upper end of the city.[16] It was too large for her to protect more than a section of the perimeter with her power.[17]


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