Dracheheim is a city located on an alternate, remote Earth.


After Gold Morning, the townspeople had been given a choice: to remain on the alternate Earth or to return and try to rebuild on Earth Bet. Those that chose to stay formed crude lodgings and tools and used those to subsist until they could fashion better things. By the end of the first month, the townspeople had reinforced their homes and began to store food for the winter.

The townspeople were helped by Dragon who worked on power, infrastructure, information and pulling information from her libraries though she largely tried to allow them to do things on their own. The town came to the brink of being on an industrial age though Dragon had already started preparing the town for the digital age.[1]


  • "Drache" is a German surname meaning "dragon". "Heim" is the German and Norwegian equivalent of the English word "home". Put together, "Dracheheim" means "dragon home" or "home of the dragon".
  • Dracheheim is presumably located on Earth He as it was mentioned as being under the protection of the Guild and the home to the non-English speakers from Western Europe and North Africa.