The Dragon's Teeth are the PRT elite

Modus operandi Edit

Meant to be elite frontline troops able to handle critical threats.Functions as a strike force for the PRT when regular parahumans would be inadvisable.

Structure Edit

Composed of elite PRT officers equipped with simplified gear derived from Defiant's designs.[1] These include his suits and his combat program.

PRT Response Edit

Uses the Dragon's teeth when they can. They are essentially a subsidiary organization.



The basis of their technology goes as far back as Andrew Richter. Dragon operating more as a tinker in time caused more.


Were formed sometime in 2013,[2] once Masamune's talent became available to The Guild.[1]


Assisted in hunting down Slaughterhouse 9000.[3][4]

One of DT officers became crucial for the victory over Jack Slash.[5]

Gold MorningEdit

Fought in the event alongside Guild and Protectorate heroes.[6][7]

After the crisis resolution, Teeth continued cooperation with newly formed Wardens, which took over the duties of now defunct PRT and Protectorate, providing security for their HQ and detention center.[8]

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