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The Dragonslayers are a criminal mercenary organization led by Saint.

Goals and MethodsEdit

They operated and justifyed themselves as a check on the growing power of a potentialy dangerous AI. This AI happened the be a benevolent philanthropist but the dragon slayers did not let that matter.

Members Edit



Saint Subsumed
Mags Unknown
Dobrynja Unknown



After Dragon began her career as a hero, Saint discovered what she was after finding a device left behind by her creator, Andrew Richter. He used the information he was able to obtain to create situations where Dragon had to restore from her backup in the middle of a fight and cut off her signals to satellites, presumably denying her the ability to recall why she lost.

In the end, Saint was able to steal three of Dragon's armored suits on three separate occasions. He dismantled and reverse-engineered to outfit his mercenary group with special suits of their own.

They used Teacher to maintain an understanding of Dragon's technology.[1]

Story StartEdit

Were a continual thorn in Dragon's side.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Were paid by Coil for tips on how to deal with Dragon.


Eventually killed Dragon[2] however temporarily.


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