Drone 23.3
Date posted June 1, 2013
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Drone 23.3
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Drone 23.3 is the third chapter of Drone. Taylor meets with Mrs. Yamada, talks about her fears. The Wards go to visit a high school, and Taylor invents Weaverdice. Then came Behemoth.


A therapy session colors what taylor has come to fear about her powers. They also talk about their malajustment to the system.

Learns the impact of her identity led to more outreach attempts with youth and similar invade they have trigger events.

Tries rob use her powers for a fun experience. Collects the people who are not participating into a discussion about trigger events. Taylor basically invents a game.

An alert goes through telling the heroes that Behemoth is inbound for New Delhi, India. Weaver decides to go and gets outfitted with a spray painted version of her old costume.


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  • Impressionable Children


  • Taylor is not officially a member of the Wards.

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