Current known or inhabited Earths are not all specifically named in the Worm Universe. As of Arc 28, there were over a dozen Earths accessible from Earth Bet.[1] Some contacted worlds are unknown to the general public and were classified.[2] Over two years after Gold Morning,[3] there were 47 cataloged Earths, of which nine were currently inaccessible.[4]

There are many, many Earths that are not easily accessible. Each Shard resides on another Earth (or multiple Earths), linked through the dimensions.

Indexed WorldsEdit

Earth AlephEdit

Earth Aleph is the home to the Travelers.  It is a world that diverged paths from the time of Scion's first appearance. This world has variations of everyone born before said appearance (about 30 years before the start of Worm), though anyone born after will not have a duplicate in Earth Bet.[5] It is much closer to the world of the readers than other Earths, even Earth Bet,[6] but it still has capes. However, they're much weaker than the ones on Earth Bet.[7][8]

Following Gold Morning, Earth Aleph was sealed off from the rest of the multiverse.[9][4]

Earth BetEdit

Earth Bet, also known as Earth B,[10] is the main setting of Worm. It is believed to have diverged from Earth Aleph around 1983[11].  It is the home world to Taylor and the majority of the other capes in the story.

Bet has dollar coins instead of bills, major terrorist attacks did not occur here, but the damage that people with superpowers did more than compensated.[6] The Cold War fizzled out when Scion entered the picture[12] and interfered with nuclear weapons testing.[13] There are the remains of an abandoned base on the Moon that was being created by Sphere.[14][6] Superhero comics are somewhat less popular and developed on Bet than in the real world.[15][16]

Earth Bet had a population of roughly 6,979,019,555 in 2011, according to the Number Man.[17]

Two years following Gold Morning, Bet was undergoing evacuation[18] and had been deemed uninhabitable. Threats included disease, pollution from abandoned chemical and nuclear sites, and lingering parahuman threats.[19][20] Some areas experienced unseasonably cold weather, with contaminated snow and groundwater. American refugees travelled for days to reach a portal to Gimel, and faced screening from authorities before being let in.[18]

Earth GimelEdit

Earth Gimel is an alternate Earth connected to Brockton Bay Bet, which seemed to have diverged from other human occupied earths roughly five thousand years ago.[21] There were a rare few native settlements.[22] It was an underpopulated world and was designated for evacuation of much of the East Coast.[citation needed]

As of two years after Gold Morning, there were five points of settlement on Gimel, with civilization growing outward from those points. It had been checked by thinkers to ensure that it was somewhat safe, but much of the planet was still unexplored.[22]

The American colony on Earth Gimel and associated territories became known as Gimel.US.[23][24] It and the surrounding areas had a population of roughly 50 million. The major city established on Earth Gimel after Gold Morning was simply known as "The City".[25][22]

New Parahuman Asylum facility is being founded in European territories.[26]

Earth C Edit

The Earth containing New York C, in the Epilogues.[27] Possibly another name for Earth Gimel.

Earth Cheit Edit

Earth Cheit is a world that has a single global religion based around abrhamic roots.[28] The Earth is not directly linked to Gimel but like some other worlds they have a relevant amount of parahumans.[29] They are what would be seen as socially conservative by Earth bet and alph.

Earth Dalet Edit

Earth Dalet is an alternate Earth set up for refugees prior to Gold Morning. Zion attacked there in his rampage across the Earths.[30]

Earth HeEdit

Earth He is an alternate Earth used to evacuate Western Europe and Northern Africa minus the English speakers.[31]

Earth ZayinEdit

Earth Zayin is an alternate Earth used as a refuge. Sleeper followed into this world, presumably through a portal near his home in Mordovia,[32] and would later "subsume" it.[33] The very fact that he entered Zayin causes everyone else to write off the whole dimension as a lost cause and hope he remains there.[34][35][36]

Earth KEdit

A world with its own United States of America, that sold supplies to Gimel.US.[37] It's possible that this is officially named Earth Kaph.

Earth MemEdit

Another world colonised from Bet, which had sporadic contact with Gimel.US and was considered safe.[38] Likely the home to another specifically American colony.

Earth NEdit

Tattletale visited this world on a mission.[39] There was a portal to this world from the City on Gimel in the Norfair span.[40] It was considered one of the corner worlds.[41]

It's likely that this is officially named Earth Nun.

A PHO post that made reference to "noon" may have been referring to this Earth.[42] This post stated that one could easily reach the corner worlds from "noon".[43]

Earth Samech Edit

Earth Samech was a Cauldron controlled Earth.[44]

Earth Shin Edit

Main article: Supreme Earth

Sometimes known as Earth S. A world with parahumans, but no superheroes. Non-powered people are treated like second-class citizens. There was a takeover on a global level by supervillians, a group called 'The Supreme'. Said villains are very well organized by their leader: Goddess.[2]

Earth TavEdit

A world dedicated to Australian refugees, with a population of just over two million people. The largest settlement was attacked by the Yàngbǎn with the intent of conquering the planet for the Chinese Union-Imperial, but their attacking force was annihilated by the Simurgh.[45]

Earth AchatEdit

The Europe of this world was home to a toxic mold which caused illness in an expedition sent by a former Earth Bet government.[46]

Earth ChameshEdit

This world had some native inhabitants. A family from Bet accidentally blundered into a settlement there that the Guild was in the process of contacting, causing much confusion.[47]

Unindexed worldsEdit

Shamrock's WorldEdit

The home Earth of Shamrock. Contained live-in temple-schools.[48]

Sveta's WorldEdit

The home Earth of Garotte. There were legends of "branded" all over the world, demons or abominations that would come and kidnap people.[49]

Contessa's WorldEdit

The world Fortuna was home to. Eden's crash-landing tore a hole into this world,[50] allowing her to cross over and encounter Eden directly. This world seemed to have a very low level of technology, and Fortuna was unaware that people with dark skin existed.[51]

Doctor Mother's WorldEdit

The world Doctor Mother was home to. Eden's crash-landing tore a hole into this world, allowing Doctor Mother to cross over.[50]

Eden's WorldEdit

The Earth where Eden crash-landed, tearing holes to Contessa's World and Doctor Mother's World. Cauldron constructed their compound around her in Côte d’Ivoire. This world featured a number of monsters created by Eden's impact.[50]

Other Refugee WorldsEdit

Also colonized as of Gold Morning were a South American world that had their main settlement obliterated by Zion, and an unnamed world conquered by the Chinese Union-Imperial and used as their base. There were over a dozen worlds colonized from Earth Bet at this point.[1]

Other Inhabited WorldsEdit

There were a number of other known worlds with native civilisation as of two years after Gold Morning.

Among the most notable, all of which had parahumans, were:

  • A world embroiled in war.
  • A theocratic world. See Earth Cheit.
  • A world filled with Case 53-like monsters.[29]

Corner WorldsEdit

A nickname for Earths that were relatively inaccessible and sparsely populated. Many of the small colonies on these worlds were dominated by Parahuman dictatorships.[24] Despite being accessible directly from the City, Earth N was sometimes considered one of these.[52]


  • The Earths within the Worm Universe are mostly named after the letters in the Hebrew alphabet.
    • The known Earths correspond to letters numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 13, 15, 21 and 22.
    • Achat and Chamesh are named after numbers instead; the Hebrew numerals for one and five.

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