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Edict was an independent hero working with Licit in Stafford, New Hampshire.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Edict can give one-word commands to any targets within earshot. If the commands are actions that take three seconds or less, failure to obey causes a variety of consequences, while if the commands can't be done that quickly, they can be canceled out by starting the action.[2]

Failure to obey Edict's commands can cause colorblindness, hiccups, sneezing fits, tics, mutism, a temporary wound, falling, clumsiness, a disabled limb, paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, amnesia, blindness, mental deficits, general malaise, a trigger event or power flaw,[2] mental grief, minor stroke-like symptoms, hallucinations, amnesia, compulsive tics, etc.[3] The form of "penalty" is unpredictable.[2]

These effects tend to fade after a few hours,[1] with some notable and dangerous exceptions.



Edict had a brief career as a Protectorate cape named Tongue-Tie, but she decided her unreliable power and personality made her unfit to be a heroine after her power killed someone.[4] After her career fell through, she rebranded with a new name and costume, turning to becoming an independent hero with her partner Licit in Stafford, New Hampshire.[2]

Edict has two very young children stemming from a teen pregnancy, one of whom is mentally disabled,[2] making patrols and general cape life hard.[3]

Story StartEdit

Edict and Licit eventually began an on-again, off-again romance.[2]


When the Slaughterhouse Nine visited Stafford, Edict and Licit were unable to stop them from recruiting Damsel of Distress.


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