Eligos is a member of the Fallen.


Eligos wears a costume that is modeled after Behemoth, in his case he wears heavy armor reminiscent of rhino plates, with functional claws built into his gauntlets. Matching obsidian horns sweeping back over his head along with a mask covering his entire face, excepting one eye, completes the likeness.

He has a similar armored costume that lacks the endbringer pastiche. It is unknown if this is the same costume with decorative elements removed or just the bodysuit of the previous costume.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Eligos is an aerokinetic, a wind manipulator that compresses the air around him into shearing blades of wind that grow as they travel out[2], these blades are able to and can 'boomerang' back to him.[3] These blades have enough shearing force to cut through a modern day cart.[1]

He has some versatility, able to manipulate the wind around him so bugs and projectiles have a harder time trying to cover him. Further, he is capable of causing large gusts of wind to push objects away from him, but he only did this when he was heavily injured and was likely involuntary on his part[1].


Background Edit

Was likely born into the Fallen, later joined Valefor's mothers group as part of a swap she did. letting one of her children go off to another fallen family in order to get children with more offensive powers in her camp.[4] Would later strike out with Valefor away from the woman's influence.


After the undersider's gained supremacy in Brockton Bay The fallen set their sights on the city, they were pursued by members of Haven. Eligos escorted Valefor to the neutral meeting place to talk to the cities new overlords.

Was cornered by Rosary and Halo forcing him to fight the heroes while inside the undersiders territory.[1]

Skitter and regent interfered with the parahumans fight eventually capturing Eligis with silk threads and, in combination with her mount Atlas, lifted him up and dropped the villain from a height of close to three stories. This shattering his limbs after he landed on them. He was later given to Rosary to be delivered to the Protectorate along with Valefor.[1]

Was not seen again.

Trivia Edit

  • Eligos shares his name with a demon, a duke of hell in classical demonology.


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