The Elitnaya Armiya are the Russian Army's elite.


The Elitnaya Armiya started off as group designed to hunt other parahumans.


The Elitnaya Armiya are trained soldiers supported by parahumans as part of Russia's military-industrial complex. These parahumans, however, don't play nice with other parahumans which also includes them not cooperating with other members of the Elitnaya.

There's a lot of politicking and backstabbing going on behind the scenes (to the point that Russia is almost divided in four), and each member of the Elitnaya maintains ties to certain sub-factions, individuals and interests. Favor is curried, and virtually every mission the Elitnaya are mobilized to involves hidden motivations and sub-goals in service of sponsors and secret bosses.


  • This group doesn't appear in canon, but was mentioned by the author alongside two other Russian groups when he explained about the Russian equilivant to the PRT.

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