Ellisburg was a town taken over by the supervillain Nilbog. As such it is designated as Site Q4.[2]


Ellisburg was a relatively ordinary mid -sized Northeastern town with a population of about five thousand people and one movie theater.[3]

Residents Edit

Formerly Edit

  • ~5000 People
    • Mayor
    • Police chief
    • Visiting Law Enforcement
    • Jamie Rinke, Banker

Currently Edit

Cultural notes Edit

The goblins of goblin town have an interesting social structure. Like the humans they were created from they have language and tastes.

They love and revere their king. Following his directions in all things.

Their myriad abilities allow them to enjoy varienta of sec and other pleasures that humans never will.

In death they know that King Rinke will recycle them into new forms.

Points of Interest Edit

It is a fantasy kingdom. Much better then the undistinguished Town that was there before.

History Edit

Background Edit

Ellisburg was a typical, if small, american town. situated in New York state. It may have had to deal with tough weather sometimes but beyond that was peaceable. Untouched by the battles that were occurring form all those nasty Parahuman kooks.

Then in 2001, Jamie Rinke had a Trigger Event. Nothing happened for a few days.

The authorities sent in a force to understand what had happened.

They were beset by creatures pulled from the most fantastic dreams and the most horrible nightmares. They retreated unable to stop the creatures creator, now calling himself Nilbog. Who had successfully killed all the inhabitants and made replacements from their corpses. His 'children'.


The city had been walled in by the PRT,[1] whose Thinkers warned them that Nilbog had created countermeasures who would survive should they bomb or find some other way to attack the place.

Monster-Town Edit

Ellisburg was maintained in a state resembling a fantasy kingdom by Nilbog's creatures. In order to protect his Kingdom and its children Nilbog fortified it, adding deterrent organisms. These efforts were efforts were detected by the PRT.[citation needed]

Things continued in this state for over ten years until the Slaughterhouse Nine came calling.

When Nilbog was removed his 'children' rioted.[4]

Forces of the Protectorate attempted to contain the threat.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

It was believed by the public that the Goblins of Goblintown were loose.[5] They were trying to scramble and make a living much like everyone else, while fighting everyone else.[6]


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