Ellisburg was a town taken over by the supervillain Nilbog.

Geography/Description Edit

Ellisburg was a relatively ordinary mid -sized Northeastern town with a population of about five thousand people and one movie theater[2].

History Edit

Background Edit

And then in 2001, Jamie Rinke had a Trigger Event, and nothing happened for a few days.

In late January, The local police started getting reports of pets going missing from backyards.[3]

the next day cell phone towers are attacked[1]

a number of new villains are appearing but the common motive between them pointed to the local authorities dealing with one shifter type villain

The creator of these creatures now revealed as Nilbog had successfully killed all the inhabitants and replaced them with his creations.

No one escaped the town, human or otherwise.[4]

Faced with a town that had disappeared off of a map The PRT sent in mixed cape and PRT Squads to try and find Rinke.

Containment Edit

The city was walled in by the PRT, whose Thinkers warned them that Nilbog had created countermeasures who would survive should they bomb the place.

Monster-Town Edit

Ellisburg was maintained in a state resembling a fantasy kingdom by Nilbog's creatures until the Slaughterhouse Nine came calling.

When Nilbog was removed his 'children' rioted.[5]

It was destroyed by the forces of the Protectorate.


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