Ellisburg was a town taken over by the supervillain Nilbog.

Geography/Description Edit

Ellisburg was a relatively ordinary mid -sized Northeastern town with a population of about five thousand people and one movie theater[2].

History Edit

Background Edit

And then in 2001, Jamie Rinke had a Trigger Event, and nothing happened for a few days.

In late January, The local police started getting reports of pets going missing from backyards.[3]

the next day cell phone towers are attacked[1]

a number of new villains are appearing but the common motive between them pointed to the local authorities dealing with one shifter type villain

The creator of these creatures now revealed as Nilbog had successfully killed all the inhabitants and replaced them with his creations.

No one escaped the town, human or otherwise.[4]

Faced with a town that had disappeared off of a map The PRT sent in mixed cape and PRT Squads to try and find Rinke.

Containment Edit

The city was walled in by the PRT, whose Thinkers warned them that Nilbog had created countermeasures who would survive should they bomb the place.

Monster-Town Edit

Ellisburg was maintained in a state resembling a fantasy kingdom by Nilbog's creatures until the Slaughterhouse Nine came calling.

When Nilbog was removed his 'children' rioted.[5]

It was destroyed by the forces of the Protectorate.


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    First couple days, pets are disappearing from back yards. Outdoor cats don't return. Insect population declines steeply. Open suspicions are raised about possibility of coyotes to explain the pets, or perhaps a voracious rodent population being tied to water levels with the adjacent river.

    Pets disappear from inside houses. 'Shapeshifter' villain (actually larger, humanoid minions) makes appearances one after another, but nobody is getting hurt so much as they're getting scared. He strikes targets of no apparent consequence. The natural response at this juncture for a town this size is to call in cops from neighboring cities. One guy doesn't necessarily involve PRT involvement, especially when all reports suggest he's relatively harmless. Visiting police set up at the town's hotel, ready to act.

    Next wave of creatures serves to cut power and telephone lines, attack cell towers, and generate EM signals to scramble other means of communication. Car underbellies and tires are savaged. The creations move through the city, house to house, from the perimeter to the center, then on reaching the center, touch base with Nilbog and get the signal. They explode outward from one point, and people panic, running, they arm themselves and fight. Every time one is killed, they're dragged back to Nilbog, one adult becoming three child-sized creatures that are specialized for cutting down more adults. If the creatures report a problem (one family locks themselves in a bomb shelter, one guy uses an homemade flame thrower to attack a whole crowd of the things), he sends out a specialized creation to answer it. If any die, others carry the biomass back to him.

    With transportation so systematically crippled, and the attention to detail of hundreds of loyal soldiers with acute senses, escaping on foot is the only option, and the creatures prove faster. Some people make it beyond the city limits, only to be attacked the first moment they stop for breath or to use the washroom in the bushes.

    1-2 days of problems, nothing that would make you pack up and leave town.
    1 day of regular appearances by 'shapeshifter' at banks and elsewhere, with him more focused on getting cloth for making costumes for his favored ones than money or anything else.
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