The Empire Eighty-Eight is a gang of white supremacists based in Brockton Bay.


First formed around Allfather the empire is a powerful organization that connects to several racist and white supremacist organizations around North America. It served as a gathering place for those who felt disaffected by the countries multiculturalism. Those sufficiently traumatized by such a notion eventually flocked to the banner.[1]

Story Start Edit

After Lung's capture, the Empire started to extend into the Docks[2].

Following Bakuda's bombing spree, the Empire made a truce with the Merchants, Undersiders, Faultline’s Crew and Coil to deal with them[3]. As part of this arrangement, the Empire spilt up for coordinated attacks with the other groups[4].


Following Kaiser's death, the remains of Empire Eighty-Eight were split into two groups, exacerbated by Coils machinations.[5] With the organization splintering into Hookwolf's Fenrir's Chosen and Purity's The Pure.


Name: Position: Status:
Allfather Founder/Leader Deceased
Iron Rain Potenial Succesor Deceased
Kaiser 2nd Leader Deceased
Fenja Bodyguard Deceased
Menja Bodyguard Alive
Purity Lieutenant Alive
Crusader Subordinate Alive
Night Subordinate Alive
Fog Subordinate Alive
Alabaster Subordinate Statis
Hookwolf Lieutenant Defected
Stormtiger Subordinate Alive
Cricket Subordinate Alive
Krieg Lieutenant Alive
Viktor Subordinate Alive
Othala Subordinate Alive
Rune Subordinate Alive

While other groups may have recruited from the same city, Kaiser recruited from other states or people came to him. Most didn't stay too long, but it made him the Brockton Bay resident with the most raw parahuman muscle[4].


  1. It's worth stating that one of the underling ideas driving the formation of groups and ideological factions in the Wormverse is the notion that some people get a voice where they otherwise wouldn't. Give an immense amount of power to a (relatively) random section of the population and you'll see certain shifts in the overlying sentiments.

    All the more so when you think that a parahuman with aspirations might latch on to an idea, concept, or group to get reputation, resources, and contacts. - Comment by Wildbow on Sufficient Velocity
  2. Interlude 2
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  5. “Captains, with me. Empire Eighty-Eight is divided, and I’m going to direct you on a series of strikes to ensure we deal as much damage as possible before the two factions can merge once more.” - Excerpt from Interlude 8.x

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