The End of the World was a vision of the future foreseen by Dinah Alcott and prepared for by multiple parties.

Discovery Edit

While imprisoned by Coil while the Slaughterhouse Nine were attacking Brockton Bay, Dinah informed him that, should Jack Slash escape the city, the world would almost certainly be destroyed within a few years. He informed the heroes of this.

Details Edit

The world was set to end somewhere near a specific date in two years time if Jack survived. If he did not, it would still probably occur, but not for many years.

The death toll varied, but the vast majority of the population would be wiped out, leaving scattered survivors.

Reactions Edit

The heroes Dragon and Defiant set out to destroy the Slaughterhouse Nine. When they resurfaced as the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand, Weaver led the attack on them, which deliberately excluded heroes like The Triumvirate who might be powerful enough that they could trigger the end of the world single-handedly.[citation needed] Saint, theorizing that her increasing freedom to follow the Nine was what led to the end of the world, neutralized Dragon with the Deployment of Ascalon.[citation needed]Jack Slash threatened to order his army to kill as many people as possible, which he suggested might be the prophesied end of the world, if the heroes broke the rules of his game with Theo Anders. Weaver killed Aster because she worried the child might be about to trigger with a power that would cause the end of the world.


For full article, see Golden Morning.

The avatar of the Warrior Entity was the one who was to destroy the world, a fact known by Cauldron before Dinah predicted it.[citation needed]


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