Exalt is the interim leader of the Houston Protectorate team.


Exalt wears a white costume and a helmet with a starburst worked into it, radiating from the eyeholes and the gap for his mouth.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Exalt is a powerful aerokinetic and telekinetic whose powers worked optimally only once in a given, lengthy duration (sometimes hours, sometimes days), with only limited aeroskinesis otherwise.[2]


[Coming Soon]


  • Exalt is considered one of the top heroes in the protectorate.[3]

References Edit

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  2. Wildbow's Parahuman List
  3. Wildbow: Armsmaster appears in the posters and such of the top Protectorate heroes.
    Wildbow: When they do the image of everyone standing in a 'v' formation
    Wildbow: Nah. Legend in front, Alex and Eidolon to the left and right, respectively. Then Myrddin, Chev, Cinereal, Narwhal, Rime, Exalt, Armsmaster, Dragon suit silhouette in the background, wings echoing the wings of the PRT logo over their heads. - IRC conversation archived on Spacebattles


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