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Extermination 8.2
Date posted March 6, 2012
Link Extermination 8.2
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Extermination 8.1
Interlude 8 (Bonus)
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Extermination 8.2 is the second chapter of Extermination. Endbringer tactics; Specifics of fighting Leviathan. Plan A and B: soft and hard targets. Fate of old Leviathan targets. Organization. Surprise Tsunami. Endbringer armbands distributed.


Armsmaster tried to find out where Hellhound was but was rebuffed by Tattletale over the insinuation that the dogs were expendable against the Endbringer.


The UndersidersEdit

The ProtectorateEdit

The GuildEdit

New WaveEdit

The WardsEdit

Empire Eighty-EightEdit


Solo VillainsEdit


Unknown AffiliationEdit

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