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Extermination 8.4
Date posted March 13, 2012
Link Extermination 8.4
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Extermination 8.3
Extermination 8.5
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Extermination 8.4 is the fifth chapter of Extermination. Problems with getting Scion's help. Leviathan breakout, death of major villains. Armsmaster mano-o-mano against a trolling Endbringer. Skitter starts Bug Tracking. mysterious electro-magnetic pulse


The UndersidersEdit

The ProtectorateEdit

The GuildEdit

The WardsEdit

New WaveEdit

Empire Eighty-EightEdit



The EndbringersEdit


  • This is the second time[1] that Taylor creates Swarm clones or silhouettes, a trick she learned from Grue.
  • Also commented on is her extended range in times of crisis.

References Edit

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