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Q.J. Irvine is a member of the Anchorage Wards.


Q.J. as been diagnosed with ODD, oppositional defiant disorder. He has displayed a high resistance to authority and discipline, an entitled attitude, rudeness well past usual bounds, and is exceedingly confrontational.


Q.J. is described as an undersized young man with a shaved head. As Feint, he wears a royal purple and white costume and a helmet designed to look like two masks with each mask facing a different direction.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Q.J. can generate 'hard light' shells around objects and individuals, then mobilize them for a duration before they expire. These images can be made to follow a set path, turn corners, and move in whatever manner Q.J. sees fit. The images break after five to ten seconds or when subjected to an impact or obstacle that would block their continued movement.

He has also shown that he can create images in vast quantities in order to obscure vision.



Q.J. set out as an independent cape for a time, selling his services to heroes and villains both, until his parents discovered the activity. His parents applied for his acceptance to any available team, before the Anchorage team became a reality. When the program was finalized, the PRT reached out to the parents to confirm his acceptance.



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