Felix Swoop is a tier three member of the Adepts.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Felix is a tier-three member of the Adepts. He is classified as a Master/Blaster hybrid with the ability to control certain birds or 'familiars' and apply fire resistance and pyrokinesis to them, tuning them into 'Phoenix'.[1] It is not known if he is able to perceive the world through his birds senses.[2]


Felix was observed by Weaver to be engaged in bedroom activities. He was attacked by Vantage who hit his collarbone before Clockblocker froze him. After recovering, he dialed a number on his phone as he kissed Thirteenth Hour before picking her up. He requested assistance from one of the top tiers before startling as Weaver spoke through her bugs. He then sent his birds through the thicker areas of her swarm before igniting them.

He tried to use his birds to burn through the threads Weaver's swarm were using, but couldn't. He nearly yanked an earring out as he moved his arm to allow one of his birds to roost. Hearing a teammate call the threads annoying, he called it admirable and said that it was something that the Adepts hoped to train. After Tecton woke up Thirteenth Hour, he told her to use her power again.

Felix attacked Hoyden after she woke up with a flaming bird which threw Hoyden back while sending another at Weaver. He sent a barrage of birds at Hoyden. He sent another at Hoyden before Jouster hit his chest with the largest part of his lance which sent him flying into a nearby wall where he then went limp.[2]




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