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Jessica Biermann[1], a,k.a. Fenja, is a member of the Empire Eighty-Eight with her sister is Menja.


Jessica is, in Taylor's words, a blonde with measurements like a Playboy model. As Fenja, she wears Valkyrie-style armor that features countless steel wings, as well as closed-face helms.[2] She carried a sword and shield.[3][4][5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The same power as her sister,[2] a breaker ability that allows her to shrink incoming attacks proportionately to her size.[3] When Fenja is first introduced, Skitter describes her power as giving her the ability to "grow to be three stories tall", and become "a hundred times more durable".[2]


Background Edit

Raised by Heith.

Story StartEdit

Accompanied Kaiser to the meeting at Somer's Rock[2] and during the raid on ABB territory. Carried her sister and her boss out after they were injured by Lung.

Fenja was killed in the battle against Leviathan, trying to protect her still recovering sister.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit


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