Mark Dallon is a member of New Wave.


Mark suffers from clinical depression, though he is in treatment. He is noted to improve markedly after taking medication but does chronically forget to. His depression is eventually cured by Amy.


As Flashbang, Mark wears a white costume with padding and helmet - the costume is marked with a green-yellow grenade icon.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mark's power allows him to create bouncing orbs of light that can detonate either concussively (and largely nonlethal) or explosively with potential lethal force. He can adjust the charges to control the size of the resulting explosion and maintains a secondary power that allows him to ignore the effects of his own improvised weapons.


24 days after the Battle against Leviathan Mark was still laid up in bed due to a head injury. [1]

Ended up legally separated from his wife.[citation needed]


  1. Three weeks and three days.--Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 13

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