Lily, also known as Flechette, was a member of the New York Wards. Following Leviathan's attack on Brockton Bay, she was transferred to the Brockton Bay Wards. She eventually left the Brockton Bay Wards and joined the Undersiders under the codename Foil.


She initially hoped she could become friends with Shadow Stalker, the only other female Ward her age in Brockton Bay. She noted that her work would "drain the life out of her if she had no friends to do it with". However, she was shocked by how comfortable with violence Shadow Stalker was.

She kept to an exercise regimen, and spent four nights a week in the gym.

Lily was a lesbian, and was immediately attracted to Parian when they met. She was willing to risk getting into trouble with the Wards in order to befriend her.[2]

Appearance and CostumeEdit

Lily is described as a Japanese-American girl, of above average height.[3]

As Flechette, she wore a skintight,[4] deep purple[5] costume with a visor,[4] quiver, and narrow platinum-white armor panels that flared out at the upper edges and tapered at the bottom - mimicking the vague shape of an arrow or darts.[5] Her costume included metal cleats on her shoes, that could dig into the environment under the influence of her power, or help her grasp the chains her arbalest launched.[2]

She carried a Tinker-made arbalest to launch needles three feet long – needles that carry the effects of her power, ignore gravity, and benefited from her secondary power of enhanced sense of angles and timing. The arbalest produced an unlimited supply of sturdy chain, and her needles remained fused in place where they hit, allowing her to use it as a grappling hook as well as a weapon. She also carried nine-inch throwing darts, her primary weapon before she acquired the arbalest.[2]

After Lily became Foil, she donned a black costume with asymmetrical belts, boots, armor and gloves. She also wore a black opaque mask with silver trim at the edges. As a weapon, she used thrown blades augmented with a rapier[6], the same tools she originally used when she first discovered her powers.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lily has the ability to temporarily imbue nonliving material with the power to ignore select laws of physics. Most notably, they could punch through anything.[7] She is not restricted to her hand when she uses this power. If her power wore off while an object was moving through another, it would be stuck in place. She could use her ability on her costume to reduce the effects of friction or make her shoes bite into surfaces.[2]

Scion described her power as "charging objects with energy [...] the small pieces of alloyed metal unfolded, taking shape in not just this world, but all realities, at the same space and time, bristling with an effect that would sever their attachment to most physical laws."[8] Although this is widely interpreted to mean that they extend into every Alternate Earth, this may not be the case.[9]

Her power is ineffective against intangible abilities.[10][11]

Lily also has an intuitive understanding of angles, trajectories and an enhanced sense of timing that she uses for aiming and applying her power.[2] It also gave her a defensive advantage being able to dodge blows easily and even catch arrows out of the air.[12]

Foil could have potentially destroyed Behemoth's core when it was exposed.[13] However, once the sheer amount of damage she could do to Endbringers was realized after the Battle against Behemoth, the Endbringers changed their tactics.[14]

Using her power on Chevalier's sword would have broken it.[14] It caused the Siberian to flicker and vanish on contact.[6]

The Entities referred to her power as "Sting". It was originally used for fighting other Entities.[8] They hadn't found a way to improve it for aeons, but it was still useful to see how other powers interacted with it.[15]



She triggered 3 years prior to the start of Worm, as part of a group trigger in New York. One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group trigger.[1][16]

Story StartEdit

Deployed to Brockton Bay, Flechette pulled Parian away from Bambina at the cape gathering before the fight with Leviathan started.[2]

She was able to reliable damage to the Endbringer.


Was brought onto the Brockton Bay Wards team.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Almost succeeded in capturing Skitter, however Taylor talked her way out of it and shook Lily's belief in her own righteousness.

She eventually talked about the incident with Ms. Yamada.


Defected from the Wards and started a relationship with Sabah.

Participated in the fight at New Delhi, being outfitted with her flechettes by an old teammate.


Has settled into a routine as Parian's lieutenant. while preparing to deal with a hostage situation she caught up with some of her old Ward teammates.

Killed several of the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand and the Gray Boy clone.

Gold MorningEdit

During her battle against Scion, Khepri noticed that he was dodging shots from Foil. When he gave up hope, Foil was able to wound him, opening a hole to his true body through which he was destroyed.[17]

Fanart GalleryEdit

References Edit

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