Fleur was part of New Wave until her death, damaging New Wave's hopes of becoming a nation-wide movement.


Young and black-haired. Wears Fleur-de-lis symbol in black on her chest.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fleur could create telekinetically controlled 'orbs' of light that looked like flowers or firecrackers. She could plant these orbs with a touch on surfaces, allowing them to grow over time for larger and more varied effects when Fleur detonates them or an opponent accidentally touches them.[2]

Her power needed her hands free to use.[3]



Fleur was a member of the Brockton Bay Brigade. Lady Photon considered her too young to have kids, and in the wrong place in her life. The Brockton Bay Brigade would challenge Marquis numerous times, though Marquis would always win.

Fleur accompanied the Brockton Bay Brigade when they went after Marquis in his home and closed in on him. After Lightstar was wounded, she caught him before he could fall onto Marquis' bone spikes before she tended to his injuries.[3] Fleur later revealed her civilian identity alongside her teammates.

Boston GamesEdit

Participated, got Damsel of Distress overwhelmed.[4]


While in her civilian identity, Fleur was killed[5] by a cape looking to earn cred and (consequently) membership in Empire Eighty-Eight. This occurred at the peak of New Wave's rising popularity, at a point when the team and the idea of capes with public identities and full accountability was a topic of nationwide discussion, and was thus a death that received a great deal of media and public attention.[1]

After her death, New Wave lost much of its initial momentum, with her boyfriend Lightstar taking a new identity and leaving New Wave.[6]


  • Fleur means "flower" in French.


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