Forrest was a citizen of Brockton Bay who would later becoming one of Skitter's most trusted lieutenants.


Considered brave and steadfast. Became Skitter’s new second in command after Sierra stepped down citing moral concerns.[1] Is good with children, and helps to take care of Aidan and other children in Brockton Bay.


Forrest is a tall man whose burly physique and thick black beard serve to give him a menacing presence which he shows off by wearing tight shirts. This effect is somewhat mollified by the thick framed glasses he wears.



Saw Hookwolf attack a store and injure civilians.[2]


When the survivors of Shatterbird's song were being attacked, Forrest stepped up and played a key role in helping Skitter break Mannequin's casing.[2] Forcing the twisted tinker to retreat.[3]

He would later become a fixture around Skitter’s territory.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Helped set up a block party before Dragon rudely interrupted them.


Started looking after the Boardwalk long term.

Golden MorningEdit

Despite having a hard time in the devastation form the opening hours of Gold Morning he said to Taylor that he and the children were doing well. In fact he even turned down some vials that were being given out by Two nameless Women.

Was at the Reunion meeting of the Undersiders months after the Morning ended, to toast the savior of the multiverse.[4]


  1. Forrest – Skitter’s current second in command. Burly and menacing with a thick black beard, he wears thick framed glasses and tight shirts. Played a role in both stopping Mannequin and helping out in Skitter’s territory afterward.---Cast (in depth)
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    “I remember.”
    I could remember Forrest grabbing the concrete block, hammering at Mannequin’s head. He’d cracked the casing, even, playing a pivotal role in Mannequin giving up.
    --Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.6
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