Dean Stansfield known to the public as Gallant is a member of the Brockton Bay Wards and the on-and-off again boyfriend of Victoria Dallon.


Comes across as a natural gentleman, which may have been influenced by his ability to see people emotions in a way no one could hide.

When in costume he pretended to be a tinker in public by wearing 'secondhand' power armor. He thought he would be able to deal with the damage that Glory Girl's projection ability was doing to to her sister Panacea.[1]

Relationships Edit

He had a good relationship with Vicky even if they were on again off again broken up patching things together or any number of changes.[2]

Moved in the same circles as the Anders family, living in the Towers area and likely knew Theo.[3]

Liked spending time with Vista despite the school girl crush she had on him.

His father expected him to start helping with the family business.[4]

Appearence & EquipmentEdit

As Gallant, Dean wears futuristic set of silver and gunmetal colored power armor with an aesthetic grounded in the medieval past.[5] A suit of power armor that takes cues from medieval plate armor with recesses lights under the plates. This power-suit was created by Kid Win[6] and maintained for him by Armsmaster.[7] Functionally it is largely similar to Armsmaster's own power-armor, but much of the enhanced strength this stripped down version offers is geared toward letting Gallant move around freely despite its heavy weight. It allowed him to survive a tousle with Hellhound's enhanced dogs with only a broken rib.[8] What strength it does give him allows a large advantage in CQC.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dean is an empath capable of generating concussive blasts of energy that can alter emotions in addition to packing a punch.[7] He was somewhat versatile in how he used this energy being able to lob cannonball sized orbs or shoot them from his fingertips in tight beams.[3]

He is capable of inflicting specific emotions on his opponents with these blasts. The effect is unreliable when used on individuals like Hellhound, who are not neurotypical.[8][3] Tattletale pointed out that being hit multiple times could be debilitating from the constant emotional switches.[9]

Dean is also capable of sensing the emotions of those around him, though he seems to have issues distinguishing between them.[10] Glory girl's aura potentially made her unreadable by Gallants aura vision.[11]

Gallant's powers were purchased from Cauldron.[12]



Was the heir of some company or the other, would later gain powers.[12] While going to Arcadia High Dean met and started dating Victoria Dallon. Dean was potentially nearby when she triggered and gained her powers,[13] as such her aura may be influenced by his powers.

Story StartEdit

Dean was a member of the Brockton Bay Wards.

Was seen at the cape gathering for the defense against the coming Endbringer, holding hands with Glory Girl.[14]

He was killed in Leviathan's attack on Brockton Bay.

His final thoughts were with Victoria and with a flash of foreboding he remembered that he had not told anyone how close to a mental breakdown Amy actually was.[1]


His passing left Victoria distraught.

Fanart Gallery Edit

References Edit

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    Does Gallant decide the emotions he inflicts? It seemed random with Rachel, but you say otherwise on the cast page.

    He decides the emotions. Rachel's wiring is screwed up.

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    (No question, just adding myself)...

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