Modus operandiEdit

The Garama are a group of capes operating in the Indian sub-continent. The Garama specifically are the "Hot" capes. In India, capes are further divided not just between Hero and Villain but also between dark, depressing, and violent "Cold" capes that the general public is intentionally unaware of. The Garama are photogenic, gregarious, and engaging to the public.[1] These "cape celebrities" were ineffective against the Endbringer when he came to New Delhi.[2]




Became a feature of India's cape scene.


Were unable to respond in their countries greatest hour of need.


  • Garama (गरम) is the Hindi word for "hot"
  • Have been compared to Bollywood


  1. “India’s capes fall into two categories,” Defiant said, not taking his eyes off the screen. He had to raise his voice to be heard over the movement of the craft. “They term their capes ‘hot’ and ‘cold’, with very strict rules on who falls into a category. Walk between the two groups, you get the worst of both. Hot, it’s about flash, color, appeal, and engaging the public. Villain or hero, they’re cape celebrities. Cold, it’s… bloodshed, violence, assassination and secrecy. Capes of the underworld. The public doesn’t see or hear about the cold capes. The media does not speak of them.” - Excerpt from Drone 23.5
  2. On the screen, Behemoth wasn’t even slowing down. Another arc of lightning lanced across the cityscape, setting a dozen fires. The houses looked shoddy, dirty, and were apparently very flammable. The flames spread quickly, and plumes of smoke were streaming towards the overcast sky.

    “The capes that are getting killed, they’re-”

    “Garama,” Dragon said. “…Hot.” - Excerpt from Drone 23.5