Sveta is a Case 53 that was committed to the Parahuman Asylum.


Sveta is very shy and kind, her inability to control her power distressed her greatly. She values the friends that she can make.

She is driven by the large amount of guilt she has for those she inadvertently killed.[3]


Greg VederEdit

Sveta tried to become friends with him online.[2] Their relationship had a falling out when Greg got spooked out by her unfortunate nickname and her unwillingness to send him pictures.

Weld Edit

Weld was Sveta's idol and role model. Eventually they met; they got along well and became partners, with Weld carrying Sveta around on the job.

The Irregulars Edit

Got along with Weld and shared information about their personal experience as Case 53s with other members of the team.


Sveta is little more than a very pale face with thin tendrils streaming around it like hair.[4] Small organs dangle from the largest of the tendrils that extends from the back of her face while a small "C" is tattooed on her cheekbone.[5][6] She speaks with a soft Russian accent.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sveta is incapable of controlling the strength of her tendrils which leads her to instinctively crush any stressor with them.[8] This also means her power is reactive to any threat against her no matter the source.[9] Her powers' behavior may stem from Sveta having little connection with her Shard,[10] and it functions largely independent of her.

She also has notable durability, stated to be one of the reasons she was captured instead of killed when she was first found by the outside authorities.[1] The tendrils possess enough strength to bend steel bars.

This makes computer use hard but not impossible with the right equipment,[11] however she is able to use them for drawing and painting, showcasing her talent.[12]

In her full body Prosthesis (see above) she is still has her full capabilites but can undo the joints of the form

She is made of grappling hooks



Sveta was a fisherman's daughter living in a small village with her family, probably on an alternate Earth.[12] She was taken in the middle of a storm while delirious by several other 'monstrous' capes, and given a Cauldron formula.[13] Following her release from Cauldron's custody, in an area that was not America,[14] she accidentally killed well over hundred people.

Given her accent, it's likely that she spent some time in Russia, either before or after her transformation.

Eventually, she was captured and placed in a Parahuman Asylum.

After a point when she was in the asylum she gained computer privileges, though she had to share with someone else. She eventually found Parahumans Online and choose the username GstringGirl, for a laugh.[2][15]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Dr. Yamada visited her on the same day she was acclimating Glory Girl to her new environment.

Sveta was waiting above the doorway to her room when Dr. Yamada arrived for their session. Her tendrils wrapped around Dr. Yamada's suit and then constricted before Sveta apologized. Dr. Yamada told her to focus on her relaxation exercises, but Sveta said that it was just making it worse. An airbag gave way and Sveta apologized again before saying that they should've talked through the mirrors and that she didn't want Dr. Yamada to die. Dr. Yamada told her that the point of the sessions was to socialize her before hushing her and telling her to focus on her relaxation exercises.

Eventually, Sveta was able to uncoil from Dr. Yamada's suit and move herself over to her 'bed' while settling her organs on a shelf on the post. She apologized again, but Dr. Yamada said she understood. Sveta asked about the patient that Dr. Yamada had seen, only for Dr. Yamada to remind her that she couldn't talk to others about her patients. Sveta said she understood before asking if the patient was a bad guy like she had been - saying that she had killed people before. Dr. Yamada told her that it was her power that had killed them and that they would talk about it in their session before telling her that a doctor might be able to tell her about the new patient through the intercom.

Dr. Yamada asked if she had been keeping her journal and Sveta grabbed it. The doctor asked if she could look at it and Sveta allowed her to. Dr. Yamada then asked her what had her so agitated before Sveta asked her why she wasn't scared of her. Dr. Yamada told her that she had no reason to be.[5]


Distraught over her idol leaving the Protectorate, Sveta rapidly lost progress in her treatment.[16] She was paid a visit and accepted an invitation to the Irregulars.[17]

Gold MorningEdit

Sveta was with the Irregulars when they were deployed to the oil rig.

She later took part in the mission to Cauldron's headquarters. During the mission, the container the Irregulars stored her in cracked, forcing Sveta to choose a target to attack. Sveta attempted to focus her tentacles on Scion, but was unable to maintain focus solely on him and inadvertently killed Doctor Mother.[18]

Helped halt Scion from destroying Taylor's group and bought them time to escape. Sveta herself was able to escape later.[19]

Like the other capes she was snatched up by Khepri and was deposited in New York when Doormaker lost power. She rapidly tried to separate herself within an apartment and tried to calm down.[20]

Trivia Edit

  • Sveta is likely not her birth name, though it may be close to it. By her own admission she choose it after being released,[21] possibly under the influence of Dr. Yamada.[22]
  • Her Cauldron-given cape designation is one of many possible spellings, Garotte is used here as that is the one that appears in the text.

Fanart GalleryEdit


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