Gasconade, real name Jaager D. Charles[1], is an experienced member of the Seattle Protectorate.


Gasconade has struggled to find an equilibrium in his life and lifestyle. He has described himself as a man trapped in a hologram body, detached from the simple pleasures of life, unable to truly affect the world. He has flirted with depression and anxiety in the past, and has had a number of mental breaks from the stress.

In recent months, Gasconade has found something of a equilibrium, and is providing counselling to disturbed parahumans at the Asylum West, frequently by teleconference.[1]

Due to the nature of his powers, Gasconade is one of the few capes to actively use guns in combat.

Appearance & EquipmentEdit

Gasconade is described as a "very ordinary man" with blonde hair and a square jaw.

Every part of him that isn't his costume looks like a complex arrangement of two-dimensional images, like pictures drawn on paper and interlocked, overlapping, to create a general silhouette of a person, fragmented throughout.[1]

He carried a series of guns allowing him to inflict temporarily leathal damage with his power.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gasconade exists in a perpetual Breaker state where any object he interacts with is imbued with energy, reverting back to its prior condition and location after a set duration of roughly thirty seconds. This serves to severely disorient people he uses lethal force on.

If he were to hypothetical take a battle-ax and start beheading people they would 'reset' to their previous state with a full memory of the experience.[2]

In the breaker state, Gasconade needs no sustenance or relief and is largely immune to harm. He is a Noctis cape.

Were another cape to throw themselves into work the way Gasconade does, the PRT would express grave concerns. Gasconade, however, merits special rules and conditions in all respects. With this in mind, he presently maintains twenty-two hour workdays, patrolling for twenty of those hours, primarily gathering intelligence and scaring the local criminal population.[1]


Background Edit

had a Breaker/Stranger trigger


Stayed with the protectorate, dealt with a 'Hive Tinker'.[1] He and his team were getting restless.

PRT Quest Edit

Director Seneca called Chief Deputy-Director Renolds to inform him about the situation in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska who then looked to see who he could send to help him. Chief Deputy-Director Renolds told Director that he would send Gasconade, Fume and Snubnose to Alaska to help.

Gasconade, Fume and Snubnose met with Director Seneca in the lobby of Department Sixty-Four's headquarters. He greeted them and, after being informed that they had read up on the situation, Snubnose asked him if Gasconade could take point. Director Seneca asked him if he felt confident enough and Gasconade nodded before Snubnose told the director that they had handled similar situations in Seattle. He and Snubnose then followed Director Seneca to meet with the team that they would be working with.

Later, Gasconade and then Snubnose went after a Bratva archer. He opened fire on the Bratva thugs with bullets before his power took effect and left them disoriented but unharmed. The thugs are eventually disarmed and arrested by the PRT.[1]

Director Seneca approached Gasconade, Snubnose and Fume in building b when he was talking to Rail. He asked them if they would be willing to head up to Fairbanks to break the siege and, after asking about it and exchanging looks with Snubnose, agreed.[3]

Gasconade, Snubnose and Fume patrolled the area around Department Sixty-Four's fundraiser, supported by a PRT squad.[4]

Later, Gasconade, Snubnose, Fume and Horizon entered a building to find one man amidst a slaughterhouse. He told them that a companion of his had left in the company of someone else, that they had seemed to like him and that he didn't see what happened.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to Nice Guy, Gasconade's power was based off of an early concept for Imp.[2]
  • As with many Worm cape names Gasconade is a some what dated term. Usually meaning someone, a windbag, making a show of mock force to cover up their lackof power.

References Edit

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