Gentle Giant is a Case 53 and a member of The Irregulars.


Gentle Giant, as the name suggests, is very tall, towering even above the eight-feet-tall Gully. Weaver describes him as a "placid-faced young man".

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nothing concrete is said about Gentle Giant's powers, but he is mentioned among capes with durability strong enough to warrant being enhanced with Galvanate's power in the fight during the first stage of Gold Morning, making him one of the very toughest capes in the story. He presumably also possesses enhanced strength.



Gentle Giant, like all Case 53 capes, was created by Cauldron as part of their experiments with powers and then presumably released into the world with wiped memories.[1]

Gold Morning Edit

While others in the Irregulers were despairing Gold Morning and wanted to take vengeance against those that had wronged them Gentle Giant stood with his friends and colleagues to give Doctor Mother time to escape and for needed answers to be acquired.[2]


  1. "I've spent years like this," Gully said.  "It's not just me, either.  There're others.  Weld…"

    "Hunch," Weld added.  "Gentle Giant, Sanguine."

    "Weld and Hunch, Gentle Giant and Sanguine," Gully said.  "And the others who weren't even lucky enough to find the Wards or the Protectorate before they found themselves in trouble.  It's not just for me.  We need to know for them."

    "This isn't the time or place."

    "With all due respect, spend a day in my shoes, Myrddin.  Just one, and then tell me again, that I have to wait one day, one hour, even one minute longer for an explanation."


    "If it weren't for the dramatic flair Gully was displaying.  I don't trust that she will stay quiet on the subject." - Scourge 19.4
  2. Interlude 28