Gesellschaft (pronounced “geh-zell-shoft”[1]) was a European nationalistic neo-Nazi organization.[2][3]


Purity speculated that they would sabotage Golem's efforts against the Slaughterhouse Nine "if it meant killing a thousand Americans".[2]

They would not give assistance without strings attached. They created parahumans for use as weapons, and then interfered in their lives to ensure that they would be "best positioned for the cause". Crusader speculated that Night and Fog had been positioned as members of the Pure both to help ensure their success as a neo-Nazi group, and as potential countermeasures should they become a threat.[2]

Gesellschaft were theorized to view the Pure as a "foothold in America", although Purity objected to this characterization of them - their reputation and success gave Gesellschaft an opportunity to claim their cause was being furthered in the West, even if their goals were only broadly aligned.[2]

Abilities Edit

Gesellschaft supposedly had the ability to cause trigger events in a safe, controlled environment.

Their money was laundered through cover operations and businesses, almost impossible to track without parahuman abilities. They purchased nuclear materials from "notable arms dealers in Southern Europe", for use in large-scale terrorism; but the Number Man predicted that the Meisters would deal with them.[3]

Relationships With Other Parahumans Edit

Night and Fog were both "created" by Gesellschaft. They were receiving orders while members of the Empire Eighty-Eight, although these orders stopped when the team fragmented.[2]

Kaiser worked with Gesellschaft. Krieg was associated with them, and could potentially call in favours.[2]

They did not make use of the Number Man's services, and he interfered on Cauldron's behalf to prevent them from causing major disasters.[3]

References Edit

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