Worm chapter 1 cover art by wolfofragnarok-d7ptq7j

Gestation cover art by wolfofragnarok

Gestation is the first arc of the Worm series; followed by Insinuation. Taylor is introduced, the setting is established, and her first night as a hero is shown.


This arc follows Taylor Hebert's decision to become a hero after an incident at her school and her first night out.

She meets villains like lung and the undersiders: heroes like armsmaster. She almost dies and has a lot to think about.

Her father hears her come home and keeps to himself.



  • Gestation commonly means the developing period of an embryo before the organism is ready to be birthed, hatched, crawl to the mother's pouch etc.
    • Here it relates to the first formative experience of Taylor's cape career and how who she meets will effect her in the times that follow.
  • The arc was partially adapted into a comic by ElianeDeFortuny