Victoria Dallon, also known as Glory Girl, is the daughter of Mark and Carol Dallon, the adopted sister of Amy Dallon, and a former member of New Wave. She is the main character of Ward.


Early WormEdit

Victoria is a hot-tempered and prideful cape,[5] partly as a result of her powers.[6] She enjoys fighting and is prone to using excessive force on her enemies.[citation needed]

She was very protective of her family.[6][7]

She liked to give people the false impression that she was truly invulnerable.[8]

She was taking a university course that offered information on parahumans, despite not being done with high school.[9]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Victoria had her personality modified by her sister, making her love Amy uncontrollably. Although at first she sublimated this into anger at the violation, Victoria was eventually reduced to begging to be reunited with her.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

She was willing to help a self-described supervillain figure out the PHO interface, describing herself as "unfortunately afflicted with desire to help people" and noting that "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar".[10]

She was understandably upset when she was rejected from university. She wrote a list of fourteen "unreasonable ... semi-possible" reasons she might have been rejected, although the rational part of her knew that it was likely because there simply weren't enough places. She described herself as having "gotten good at effective brooding".[11]

She stated that she didn't believe in forgiving and forgetting.[12]

Relationships Edit


Panacea tended to take on the role of keeping her in check.[6]


While theirs was a sometimes tempestuous romance.[13] Victoria believed she might marry him someday. When he died, she described it as "the lowest point in my life" up to that point.[14]


As Point_Me, she was close with with a user named Glitzglam on PHO, exchanging messages with them regularly.[11][15] The pair were seemingly related.[16][17]


Despite only encountering Tattletale once, Glory Girl had a strong dislike of her. When Tattletale taunted Amy about her secrets Victoria became angered, threatening to have both jailed in the Birdcage.

Victoria had a very mixed opinion of Skitter; she acknowledges Taylor's heroism but also condemns what she saw as Taylor's needless brutality (in particular her murder of Alexandria). Nevertheless she was disgusted by what Taylor went through, criticizing Madison Clements when the latter admitted her role in Taylor's descent into villainy.[12] She did not remember Taylor's involvement in the battle against the Slaughterhouse 9.


Early WormEdit

Victoria is a tall platinum blonde young woman. As Glory Girl, she wears a white one-piece dress that comes to mid-thigh with shorts underneath, an over-the shoulder cape, high boots and a golden tiara with spikes radiating from it.[18]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Victoria had become a conglomeration of disparate body parts, including three heads, vaguely resembling Eden.[19]

Early WardEdit

Victoria wore a skirt with pockets.[20]

When she changed into her second-hand PRT armour, she removed the skirt and wore pants instead.[21]

Abilities and PowersEdit


Glory Girl and Panacea by aerryi

Victoria has the classic Alexandria package of flight, invincibility, and superhuman strength.[1] She also radiates an aura that makes her allies more inclined to respect and look up to her, while making her terrifying and intimidating to her enemies.[22][23]

Her passenger is a bud from Manpower,[24] or possibly from Brandish.[25][26]


Victoria's invincibility and strength is the result of an invisible forcefield that extends a few millimeters over her skin and clothes.[18][27] She or her passenger unconsciously controls whether others can make skin-to-skin contact with her.[3]

It needs to recharge for 1 to 2 seconds[23] after it receives a heavy impact, or after a few seconds of sustained fire (such as a beam or jet of water.) Even a strong punch can be enough to trigger this effect, and it takes longer to recharge after holding off a sustained hit. Her own super-strong punches and kicks cause it to flicker off and revive.[28] Dealing with sustained fire causes her shield to take longer to regenerate. It doesn't consider machine-gun fire to be a single sustained attack, but rather a series of individual blows.[28]

While active, it can block even a direct hit from Scion.[28][29] The field protects her from the cold and bugs of flying, but still allows her to feel the wind in her hair.[15]


Her strength is primarily generated through the forcefield,[30] and operates through a similar mechanism to Manpower's.[citation needed] She's capable of deadlifting over a ton.[22]

She was strong enough to casually launch a man or a metal dumpster over seventy-five feet.[31][32]

She hadn't tested the limits of her strength.[30] People speculated that she could swing a schoolbus like a baseball bat,[33] lift an SUV over her head,[34] or bench-press a cement mixer.[31]


She can fly at almost 80 mph.[15] She's still able to fly even when her forcefield is inactive.[35]


Victoria can radiate an energy that makes anyone within her presence feel an emotional charge of awe and admiration. For those with a reason to be afraid of her, it is a feeling of raw intimidation instead. She has displayed the ability to ramp up this energy to increase its effects or tone it down in order to decrease it. This power is considered a Shaker ability,[3] not a Master power.[36] Long term exposure leads to severe consequences.[37] She gained this ability by triggering while she was near Gallant.[38] It's possible that she cannot entirely turn this power off, leaving it always subtly active.[3][39]



Prior to gaining powers, Victoria wanted to be a superhero more than anything. This led her to play sports, an area she could finally shine, as well as to begin dating a hero.[40] It was publicly known that she was dating Dean Stansfield. It was something of an open secret among the heroes that Dean was actually the secret identity of the hero Gallant.[11]

Victoria triggered when she was fouled in a basketball game.[41][42] When she jumped to make a shot, another player slammed into her mid-air, and she began flying.[43]

At one point she met Madison Clements Emma Barnes and Sophia Hess at a photoshoot. Despite initially being friendly she was put off when they made fun of a disabled girl (never quite getting along with Emma afterwards.)

As of Queen 18.y, Victoria was taking college courses.[11]

Story StartEdit

After spotting a thug guilty of assault, Glory Girl whooped and landed in a practiced motion before she gave him a head start as he bolted. She caught up to him quickly, told him the name of his victim and said that she would catch him if he tried to run. When he denied doing anything, she used her power to intimidate him, grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him into the air, above a dumpster. She then threatened to break his arms and legs if he didn't tell her everything. He swore at her and she threw him.[18]

Glory Girl worried that she had killed him before she spotted him moving. She asked if he was ready to talk only for him to try limping away. Angry, Glory Girl kicked the dumpster and sent it towards the man. After it hit him and the man didn't get up, she checked his pulse, found the street address, and then called her sister for help.[18]

She participated in the battle against Leviathan.


With her father hurt and her boyfriend Gallant dead, Victoria was left adrift, unable to gain emotional support from her sister who was dealing with her own issues.[42]

When the Slaughterhouse Nine arrived in Brockton Bay, she was horrendously injured by Crawler's venom.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Confronted with an impossible amount of stress, Panacea suffered a breakdown and made Glory Girl reciprocate her love. She forgot how to put Glory Girl back together and, in trying to heal her, warped her into a mass of flesh made of the body parts Panacea found most appealing.[42]

Glory Girl was placed in the Parahuman Asylum, where she was treated by Jessica Yamada and communicated through blinks.[44]

Golden MorningEdit

Glory Girl fought in the final engagements of Golden Morning, and was last seen in Worm reunited with her sister.[45]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

At some point she set up a tarpaulin to try and prevent the abandoned house she used to live in from being wrecked by rain, but suspected it was a lost cause.[16]

She had applied to Nilles University and been turned down a year before Y1.[11]

Victoria would regularly visit Earth Bet through the portal in the east of the City to search through abandoned buildings. She agreed to provide some of the materials she had found to a library in the City.[15]

She had a job connected to a highschool[46] as an expert in parahumans. Students at the school had classes for half a day, and worked various jobs the other half. The school was linked to a group who used some of the students on security patrols.[47]

She applied to Nilles University again, but after some time waiting[48] - despite excellent qualifications and references - she was rejected again.[11]

Madison Clements contacted her asking information about Taylor Hebert (and expressing regret for whatever role she may have had in Skitter's birth). Victoria admitted that she had deeply mixed feelings about Taylor; she acknowledged that Taylor had been a hero and while she didn't say it recognized that she had saved the multiverse from Scion. However, she also condemned many of Taylor's actions (in particular Taylor's murder of Alexandria). She also criticized Madison for her previous cruelty towards Taylor; in spite of this she gave Madison advice on how to try to be a better person (especially since Madison was planning to be a teacher), warning her that redemption was not about forgiveness but trying to do better.


  • Glory Girl was a protagonist in an early draft of Worm titled "Guts and Glory" alongside Panacea.
  • Glory Girl appeared in an early draft of Worm titled "Myriad" where she assaulted Skitter during Skitter's first outing as a cape on the assumption that she was a villain. Glory Girl paid for this mistake, however.
  • Although her forcefield is similar to Manpower's, she does not have a Breaker rating like he does.[4]

Fanart GalleryEdit

Author's NoteEdit

Amy and Victoria were considered early on as protagonists for a story set in this universe, called 'Guts and Glory'. The story would have alternated between each perspective on a chapter by chapter basis and covered many of the same events that have already occurred.[49]

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