Goddess is the leader of a supervillain organization that rules over Earth Shin.


Goddess wears a blue costume with a gauntlet emblem, white fur on the collar, and a heavy cape.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Goddess has a personal, point-blank Trump power that allows her to tune abilities and defenses in a manner akin to Scion. She also has powerful long-range telekinesis, a presence-based compulsion power similar to Canary's voice-based one, and a personal power battery that strengthens her for limited amounts of time.[1]


Time-skip Edit

On December 19th, 2012 the Simurgh was sighted in Paris, though eventually driven of by Scion the data file referring to the event specifically references "The Woman in Blue" and the "United Capes". It is unknown what connection, if any, ties into Goddess. [2]

Golden MorningEdit

Goddess resisted Khepri's control after Khepri used Doormaker to open a portal into her council chambers on Earth Shin. She used her power to throw off Khepri's control over herself and the others in the room. Khepri then attacked her using Canary's and her own abilities, and Goddess fell underneath her sway. Khepri wondered at the nature of her abilities and where she had come from before she directed Goddess to the battlefield.[1]

Later, Khepri had Goddess stand alongside other telekinetics by portals and used her to move capes further, faster, or out of the way.[3]

Following the incapacitation of Doormaker and Khepri's subsequent loss of control, Goddess was stranded in New York completely at a loss over what was going on and shouting to find her compatriots.


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