Gold Morning refers to Scion's attack on various alternate Earths after being convinced to do so by Jack Slash. Over the course of four days, his rampage resulted in the deaths of tens of billions of people, possibly far more, before Scion was finally killed.

Prelude Edit

Trapped in Gray Boy's time loop, Jack talks to Scion, convincing him that he should revert to violence instead of continuing helping people. Scion, hoping to find meaning, obliterates Great Britain on Earth Bet with a single blast in order to experiment. Discovering that the act made him feel satisfied, Scion determined to further explore the experience of destruction for satisfaction and attacked the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and Canada, killing tens of millions in a strafing run.[1]

Plot Edit

In his obliteration Scion followed a very specific pattern of reversing the way he had helped people in the past. Following his Eastern Seaboard attacked he targeted all adults on the coast of Africa, leaving behind 430 000 orphans. In Russia he began trapping groups of people in a ring of fire that slowly burned inward.[1] Within the few hours the total estimated death toll from his rampage went up to 500 million.[2]

Parahuman Response Edit

The first meeting to discuss the situation between various parahuman factions was organized by Cauldron in their headquaters. [1] The heroes staged several attacks on Scion, as well as evacuating most of the survivors to various parallel Earths. The first, and most notable, battle was the oil-rig battle. Afterward, roughly half of all the civilians and parahumans on Earth Bet were dead, and Scion began attacking other worlds as well.[3]

The final stage Edit

Scion discovered the Cauldron Compound containing his comatose, gutted partner and destroyed it, ending his former partners' life.

Scion was eventually defeated by thousands of capes under the command of Khepri, with the conflict shattering several landmasses on multiple worlds and rendering several uninhabitable.

Trivia Edit

  • Parahumans who fought in Gold Morning wear a yellow insignia, a golden circle with a gold dot inside, the alchemist symbol for gold, to show that they were there.[4]
  • The name 'Gold Morning' was mentioned once in the final chapter, and has been adopted to describe the entire event.[5]

References Edit

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