Theo Anders is the son of Max and Heith Anders, the stepson of Kayden Anders, and Aster's half-brother.

Personality & SkillsEdit

He often worried that he was unsuited for life as a hero; but according to Weaver, he was extremely brave when faced with a real threat based on their patrols together.[3]

According to Crusader, he was "sharper than he looks sometimes. Sharper than he acts."[4] Jack Slash agreed with this assessment.[1]

Golem received martial arts training from Crusader[4], and more help when under the mentor-ship of Weaver[3] during their time with the Chicago Wards.

Unlike many of the people he grew up with, an unknowingly like his own father. Theo was not a neo-Nazi,[4] and specifically chose his name because of its Jewish origins.


As Golem, Theo wears a costume with a segmented skirt composed out of different materials and a mask depicting a solemn expression.

As Theo he is somewhat husky but he is able to put on and take off weight rather easily.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Theo has the ability to embed his limbs into a surface in order to create a larger version some distance away from a similar surface. The effect works more slowly the larger he works.

Theo has also shown the ability to use the plates of his skirt to access different surfaces with his powers without needing to stop.

His ability to create limbs and faces comes from his mothers powers while the mechanizm it self comes from his fathers, has to do with shard interactions.[5]



Theo was raised by Kaiser, whom he disliked. His father was disappointed that he never followed in his footsteps as an athlete and fighter. Theo did inherit fathers intelligence.

Before gaining his powers, he didn't have any friends. [6]

After his father's death Theo was raised by Purity, but she was distant, considering him less important than her daughter or her mission. Nevertheless, they did care about one another.[6]


When the Slaughterhouse Nine attacked Brockton Bay, Jack Slash invaded Kayden Anders' home. Something about Theo piqued Jack's curiosity and prompted him to start a conversation. Theo stated that he wanted to become a hero, and when Jack asked if he would try to capture people like him, he replied that he would kill them.

Jack decided to spare his life, and told him that in two years, if Theo had developed powers he should come to kill Jack. If he failed, Jack would kill one thousand people, ending with Aster and then Theo.

When he triggered, he took the name of Golem to show his disapproval of the behavior of his family by referencing a Jewish story. He joined the Chicago wards.

References Edit

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