A Grab-Bag Cape is a colloquialism for capes who have multiple minor abilities in addition to their main power. They are created when multiple trigger events happen at the same time, in what are known as 'Group triggers'.


The term itself it rather straight forward, Capes termed 'grab-bags' display three or more powers that work together, rather than one or two predominant ones.[1] This does not earn the Grab-bag a trump rating as they will always have the same powers(unless the trump power is part of the 'grab').[2] Rather the powers are copied around individuals manifesting in a way that assists the expression of the main power.[3]

Capes within multiple trigger groups tend to be hostile towards each other.[4] For example it is implied that Flechette had a trigger event at the same time as a nemesis of her's named March.[5][1]

Known Grab-Bags

Shards Edit

So a multiple trigger event has shards divide and coalesce combining into multiple powers and conform to things.[3][10][11]


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    “Hey, Flechette,” Kid Win called across the room, “You’ve got a bunch of powers, right?”

    She turned in her seat, “Sure.”

    “Anyone else get powers at the same time you did?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Could someone nearby have gotten their powers, without you knowing? Way things played out? Did any capes show up around the same time as you?”

    Flechette frowned, “Yeah. A rather persistent villain.”

    “Worth thinking about.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.3
  2. Foil is 17 and a senior. She triggered 3 years prior to her appearance, as part of a group trigger in New York. One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group trigger.---Discussion archived on Spacebattles
  3. 3.0 3.1 1.) Powers from multitriggers are from a mix of shards. The shards, instead of going all-in, give up a small to moderate portion of themselves, and then leave the rest of themselves to develop normally while taking in info from multiple sources, just like a shard would naturally gather info and eventually reach the point where it could bud. Except in this case, the shard will usually just go find another host, maybe with relation to one of the multi's, maybe not, and empower them.

    2.) There would need to be some common ground. It's very possible that, in a car accident where two individuals triggered, that one would get seriously hurt and be anxious about 'oh fuck, my life is ruined, what do I do!?", While the other is like "Oh fuck! I'm going to jail!" while being a little bruised. The former gets a major brute power with minor thinker, while the latter gets a minor brute power with a major thinker. And the shards want to keep them involved and interacting, so in pretty short order they start to really hate or really like each other.---Comment on Reddit
  4. Relatively rare - one in twenty or less are multiple-triggers. To be used when the case calls for a multiple trigger, or it’s suitably large-scale and otherwise boring, you could justify a trigger event as a multi-trigger.
    In such cases, multiple people trigger at the same time. This tends to produce a spread of lesser powers - often three or four powers, possibly with one major one, and often deviations. The powers are related between individuals, but the idea/power that gets emphasized or takes the lead in one individual will often be a minor power for others. Minor powers might not be emphasized at all. Powers tend to form a complementary theme.
    Multiple-triggers are prone to animosity regarding the other triggerees in their ‘unit’, for lack of a better word.
    Though distinct and not simultaneous, siblings born to the same cape parents show the same trends, with biases in what powers manifest and more small powers.
    Worm Spoilers:
    Multiple triggers are actually the endgame of the cycle, prior to the reabsorption and collapse. When virtually all individuals in the setting are parahumans, connected to shards, the introduction of multiple-triggers serves to stress-test powers and compare and contrast the smaller powers. - Dice Rulebook
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  6. Circus was one of those capes that had a whole pile of very minor powers. The ones I knew about were some minor pyrokinesis, the ability to deposit items into thin air, to retrieve those items just as easily, and greatly enhanced coordination and balance to round off the package. She was one of the more successful solo villains around Brockton Bay, a burglar and thief both quick and versatile enough to win or slip away if she crossed paths with a hero.---Excerpt from Tangle 6.7
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 Watch was a package deal like Grace or Circus. A lot of powers, flexible. His specific powers weren’t on record, but it was fairly well known that he was capable of short bursts of intense, short-ranged clairvoyance. He could see people’s biology, ignore the issues of light, darkness or intervening objects, and he had a limited super speed coupled with what had been dubbed ‘phantom hands’. The ability to reach through people like Shadow Stalker might, targeting particular aspects of people’s body to shred arteries or tear through nerves with his fingers and fingernails. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3
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