Grace is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Grace wears flowing white cloth wraps, silver armor[2], steel-toed boots[3], and studded, reinforced pads at every striking point, similar to a martial artist's outfit but with more coverage. She also wears a combination headband, hairband, and mask that reveals her lower face, and her hair is glossy and wavy.[4] Taylor describes her as athletic.[5]


She is often energetic and boisterous, but can be resolute or serious when the situation calls for it. In her early days as a Ward, she was known for being vulgar, adopting the ironic maxim "Don't fucking swear" as a result.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Grace has enhanced reflexes, agility, and perception of time, and she can imbue her extremities with extra striking power as well as invulnerability to powers and general harm.[6] She mainly uses her powers in conjunction with martial arts.


She participated in the battle against Echidna, alongside members of the Chicago Wards and the Undersiders.

She Was part of the reformatted Chicago wards team that deployed against Behemoth at New Delhi.

She acted as mission control during the Chicago Wards' raid on Topsy's branch of the Folk.

Along with the other members of her team, she was interviewed on the talk show Mornings with O, J, and Koffi.

With Tecton graduated to the Protectorate Grace took over as leader of the Chicago Wards,[7] she would later help fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000.

She was present at Golden Morning.

References Edit


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