Gregor the Snail is a Case 53 cape and a member of Faultline’s Crew.


Erudite and insightful. He does not want to be anyone's burden or be an object for their pity. He values his colleagues in Faultline's crew, and feels a debt of gratitude to Faultline herself[1].


Gregor is a bald, morbidly obese man of average height[2]. He has pale, translucent skin that reveals a "shadow" of his skeleton and organs and a number of small, hardened, spiral growths over his body. [1] Gregor also has a tattoo that looks like "the greek ‘Omega’ symbol, but upside down. This tattoo, maybe a stylized ‘u’"[2] is located on his upper arm.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gregor is able to concoct a number of chemicals within his stomach and project them through his skin. He can make fire retardant foam, adhesives, lubricants, and strong acids[3].

He also has an undefined amount of physical durability and regeneration that comes with his form.



Gregor is an amnesiac, and knows very little about his origins. He spoke to an expert and learned the language he speaks besides English is Icelandic. He agreed with Faultline to put his wages towards unlocking the mystery of his origins around a year before the story[1].

Gregor has a habit of paying thousands of dollars to have goods delivered to him rather that buy them himself. He once dismissed a delivery boy because he decided to spend the night with his girlfriend rather than take the money[1].


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