Brian Laborn, publicly known as the villain Grue, is a member of The Undersiders.


Brian has an overly professional demeanour and a desire for personal freedom separate this. He takes online classes that allow him a flexible schedule. He readily accepts burdens when it comes to his family and friends but he values his ability to walk away from it at anytime.[1]

He's an organised individual who's careful to divorce emotion from his actions and agenda. He falls back on order, rules, self discipline in times of stress.[2] Tattletale described him as pragmatic, with a tendency to take a lot for granted and act automatically brought on by several years' experience as a cape.[3]

Brian is well versed in multiple martial arts, being able to pick up the basics very quickly,[4] but he does not dedicate himself to one particular style, being more interested in using a plurality of styles. He was confident enough to train his teammates how to fight.

Relationships Edit

Aisha Laborn Edit

Brian had a falling out with his sister a year after he got his power and a year before joining the Undersiders.[citation needed] While he does love his sister, their extended time together has made it easier for his sister to know what annoys him and exploit it.

Taylor Herbert Edit

Brian is initially unaware of his feelings toward the teammate that is closest to him in temperament. He had not had many relationships with unrelated women given his upbringing with his father.

The author described theirs as a "failed relationship".[citation needed]

Alec Edit

The two teammates share an interesting friendship. Both of them seem to enjoy trading barbs and general put-downs but their insults generally lack any real venom or bite to them.


Lisa and Grue had a recurring argument over the fact that he lived separately to the team, leaving him nowhere to go when he was injured.[5]


Grue was willing to use physical force to enforce his authority if needed.[6] He didn't understand how to relate to Rachel.

Shadow StalkerEdit

Shadow Stalker believed Grue was her "nemesis", perhaps because of the interaction between their powers. She used lethal force against him, violating her probation with the Wards and, eventually, genuinely earning his enmity.

PRT/Authority Figures Edit


Brian is an African-American teenager, physically mature for his age, with a muscular frame, and a lantern jaw. He is usually dressed fairly well, in a manner that's not opulent but still stylish. Multiple characters seem to consider him rather handsome.

As Grue, Brian dressed in motorcycle leathers and a motorcycle helmet with a full-face visor sculpted to look like a stylized skull.[7] These incorporated side vents to allow the darkness he creates to flow outward, creating an eerie, dramatic effect.

His equipment would receive defensive upgrades when Skitter finished making spider-silk costumes for all the Undersiders. The new outfit possessed a helmet with a more demonic design, as opposed to the skeletal motif of his previous helmet. It was based on a figurine Brian bought for the express purpose of inspiration.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Story StartEdit

Brian can generate clouds of smoke-like darkness that erase all light, mute and distort sounds, and confuse the sense of touch. It also interferes with microwaves, radio frequencies, radiation, and certain Breaker powers such as those possessed by Shadow Stalker and Velocity.[8] He does not actually 'see' this darkness, he is aware of its location and when it is affected but it does not obscure his vision in the least.[9] Further whenever he uses his power he temporarily induces inodorosity [10],[11] pushing the particles that make up his 'smell' away with his darkness. This makes it hard for those with an enhanced sense of smell compared to base line humans to track him.[12]

A common tactic of his was to wreathe himself in his darkness to obscure his voice and distort where his body is. He displays further versatility by making a body double out of his darkness that was often convincing enough to distract an enemy,[13] This tactic would later be borrowed and improved upon by his teammate Skitter. Grue is able to cause his darkness to dissipate at will,[14] and could selectively dissipate sections at a time.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After his second Trigger Event, Brian's darkness became thicker, heavier, and came out less quickly, but grew exponentially. He also gained the ability to use the powers of other parahumans while they were in his darkness, while suppressing their powers at the same time. While using these powers, he was essentially using them for the first time, lacking the experience and skill of previous users.

History Edit


Grue was abused by his mother's boyfriend when he was young, and fought to develop the strength and fortitude to never be that weak again. After going to help his sister deal with the same man at his mother's house, he was brought back to his weakest, darkest moment as he dealt with his mother's boyfriend. With the man's eyes on him, he found the power to immerse the world in darkness. The combination of the environment, malign attention, and the desire to protect his sister all factored into his power being what it was.[15]

Early CareerEdit

Brian was active as the solo super-villain Grue for two years.[3][16] He started out committing petty crimes, and acting as an enforcer for others, slowly scaling up over time.[16][1] During this phase of his career, Brian learned about the importance of reputation. Choosing the name Grue due to its obscure etymology, he did so with the presumption that the alias would attract a more sophisticated clientele.[17]

During this time Brian met The Adepts, and by extension Epoch. From this encounter, Brian discovered a deep hatred for people whose powers messed with time.[18]

He was eventually collected by Coil along with the other Undersiders and persuaded to form a team with them[19] around a year before the beginning of Worm.[16] With them, he began committing higher-profile robberies.[16]

At some point, he was injured in a fight with Shadow Stalker and bled all over the Undersiders' couch.[5]

Story StartEdit

Coming off a successful robbery of the ABB's Ruby Dreams underground casino, they ran into a new bug-themed super-villain. Saving the villain from Lung, they were able to quickly make their escape before Armsmaster arrived on the scene.

They would meet up with the villain later in civilian garb to recruit her to the Undersiders. They were successful and Taylor joined the team.

After Rachel attacked Taylor in an attempt to test her and possibly drive her off, Brian stepped in to stop things from going to far. He admitted to Taylor he would much rather have her on the team than Rachel but that his hands were tied.

He was devastated to learn that his teammate and closest confidant on team was a hero who had been planning to betray them.


Weeks later, with his sister now a member of the Undersiders, Grue was forced to get let Skitter back into the Team.

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, Grue didn't name himself after the darkness-dwelling monster from Zork According to Wildbow, "That's not actually what the Grue refers to." 'Grue' as in gruesome, is Old English for creepy or scary".[17]
  • Clones of Grue made by Echidna are called 'abhorror's, a variation of abhor meaning a strong aversion or repugnance, essentially grue's name taken to an extreme.[20].
  • Like many characters in Worm, Grue took his turn as the protagonist for one of the stories many drafts.[21]

Fanart Gallery Edit


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