Eric Stodt[2], aslo known as Grumman, is a member of The Protectorate[3].


Liked by all his teammates. He still feels regret over his father's death.


Eric is described as a short, mildly overweight man with features typical to trisomy 21 with dark hair.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Eric can toggle between two Breaker states; one granting exceedingly maneuverable flight abilities, the other turning him into an immobile artillery platform.[2][1]

In his mover state, Eric can effectively turn on a dime, moving at roughly eighty kilometers an hour. In one power test, he collected twenty-four of thirty flags in dense four-acre woods in three minutes, losing track of the remainder only when they were moved from their pre-set locations by the force of his wake. He can fly through solid concrete or meet bullets head-on without being harmed.

As a blaster Eric is fixed in place but can project vast numbers of missile-projections. He can level a ten-story building in eight seconds, taken one floor at a time.



Erics trigger event accidentally killed his father, trying to get out of a lake after swimming he misunderstood when his father stopped him. When he switched into his breaker state for the first time he tore through his father.[4]

Story Start Edit

He has been looking for a change in venue for some time, and put himself in for a transfer.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • His shard is known as Cross or Mein. [4]
  • May well be the first original hero with Down syndrome.[5]

References Edit


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