Hatchet Face was a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Hatchet Face was maimed by a parahuman when he got his powers,[1] which may be what inspired his cape name. His face is a mass of scar tissue, with a shaved head.[2]


Hatchet Face hated parahumans, and only joined the Slaughterhouse Nine because Jack Slash convinced him he would kill more capes as a member. He had a particular dislike for brutes.[1] It can be safely assumed that he possessed almost no sense of irony whatsoever or a very developed one. As Bonesaw claimed he was never very bright,[3] it was probably the former. He began his career as a brutal vigilante, but quickly devolved into simply targeting powerful parahumans.[4] He would target parahumans in places where they thought they were safe.[1] This Blinding obsession eventually brought him into the orbit of Jack Slash.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hatchet Face is a parahuman with superhuman strength and enhanced durability, as well as the ability to nullify the powers of parahumans nearby.[5] This combination made him a highly efficient cape-killer, as any close-quarters battle between him and another parahuman essentially turned into a fight between a regular human and a Brute.[4]

His durability has been stated to allow him to survive being run over by a steamroller, observed evidence has a clone being tossed by the head over several blocks and standing up unscathed and barely noticing attempts to cut his throat. His strength allowed him to move incredibly fast for his frame and allowed him to swing his namesake hatchet through a car if need be.[6]

His aura instantly nullified the power of anyone inside it.[6]

He was vulnerable to attacks and ability effects from outside the range of his powers,[7] as Cherish used to her advantage during her induction into the nine.[8] Tinkers were largely unaffected[6].


Having triggered from an injury experience involving parahumans, he announced himself by killing a superhero during a live interview.[9] He became a serial killer specifically targeting capes, and especially Brutes. Jack Slash convinced him that the easiest way to do this would be by joining the Slaughterhouse Nine.[1]

Story StartEdit

Hatchet Face had by this time gained a reputation as a Bogey man in the cape community.[10]


Hatchet Face was killed by Cherish as part of her attempt to convince Jack Slash to let her join the Nine. Bonesaw combined his corpse with that of Oni Lee in order to create a lobotomized robotic puppet called Hack Job.[11]

Post-Timeskip Edit

Bonesaw created nine clones of Hatchet Face for the Slaughterhouse 9000, with another used in making a special combo-clone dubbed Tyrant. Several clones were killed with great effort by the Chicago Wards and people like Chevalier and Tecton.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • He may have taken the name of Hatchet Face after the character Mona "Hatchet Face" Malnorowski, a woman with a disfigured face from the 1990s film Cry-Baby directed by John Waters.



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