Haven is a team of Christian superheroes popular in the Bible Belt of the United States of America.[1][2]

Methods & GoalsEdit

Haven particularly hated the Fallen,[3] and hunted them wherever they went.[4]

One of their selling points to potential recruits is greater religious freedom; the PRT discourages taking stands of religious issues.[5]





They attended the Endbringer attack at Brockton Bay.[1] Apotheosis, Hallow, Penitent, and Cloister were members of Haven who died during the fight.[6][7][8]


Two of their number came to Brockton Bay hunting members of The Fallen.[4] They left when the Fallen members were defeated by the Undersiders.[9]

Haven attended the New Delhi fight against Behemoth.[10]

Author's NoteEdit

As no members of Haven are tagged at the bottom of the chapter, a reappearance (or at least a meaningful one) of the Christian superteam is unlikely. (As such, the figures named below shouldn't have their own pages).[6]

References Edit

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